Lindsey Pelas Flashes Bouncing Bosom While ‘Messing Around’ On Instagram

Model Lindsey Pelas at the Men's Fitness Game Changers event in 2017.
Michael Kovac / Getty Images

Model, actress and podcaster Lindsey Pelas maintains an active presence on social media with her popular Instagram feed. On Sunday, October 4, the former Playboy Cyber Girl of the Month returned to the platform with an alluring new video share that showed her “messing around” — as stated in the post’s caption — while sporting a skintight top with a plunging neckline and a sexy, plaid miniskirt.

Pelas noted that the update was commercial in nature and a popular energy drink was prominently displayed throughout the clip. Her tank top was also emblazoned with the logo of the beverage in question. Nevertheless, the 29-year-old managed to ooze sex appeal as she bounced around in the shot, causing her ample bust to jiggle and undulate with her body’s movement.

Even as they were being shown an advertisement, a sizable segment of her nearly 9 million followers were clearly content to enjoy the view, as they filled the post’s comments section with compliments and virtual catcalls praising her sinuous frame and its sensuous attributes.

“You’re such a mood. Love you, Lindsey!” praised one particularly impressed user.

“If you look that good just messing around then I would love to see you when you are serious,” added a second admirer.

“You are absolutely gorgeous,” deadpanned another fan of Pelas’ form.

“Always good to have a little bounce in your step,” stated a fourth commenter.

As Pelas’ Instagram reel began, the Eyes Up Here host was sporting a pair of sunglasses with cat-eye frames and reflective lenses as she bobbed her way toward the camera. In doing so, she caused her perky assets to bounce inside her top. That shot was followed by several quick cuts, most of which centered on her face, chest and shoulders as she smiled widely for the camera.

Those cuts were followed by shots of the model sampling the aforementioned energy drink, as well as playing with her shades and grinning in an impish manner. She further teased her fans by pursing her lips in a kissing motion and occasionally trading her smile for a seductive smolder.

The wider shots included in the video showed even more of Pelas’ body, revealing her scanty skirt in the process. The garment bore a black-and-yellow plaid pattern and its hem hit mid-thigh. As a result, her lissome legs were thoroughly revealed at various points in the footage. However, her cleavage and face dominated for much of the video’s duration.

Pelas’ latest reel reached a significant portion of her following, racking up almost 25,000 views less than an hour after being uploaded.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Pelas put on a similarly busty show with a post in late September that showed her wearing a lacy, white bathing suit.