Angela Simmons Slays In Camouflage Pants & Stiletto Heels

Angela Simmons poses before the MegaFest Millennial Panel
Cooper Neill / Getty Images

Angela Simmons shared a saucy trio of snapshots via her Instagram page on Saturday that riled up her followers. As is often the case, she appeared to pose for the snapshots on the balcony of her apartment, and she included a fantastic caption to go with the pictures.

For this photo opportunity, the Growing Up Hip Hop star wore green camo army tactical pants from Pink Pebbles Shop with a black crop top. She added a glittery jacket over it and finished up the sleek ensemble with a pair of black stiletto heels.

In the first photo, Angela stood with her back to the camera. She spread her legs shoulder-width apart and cocked one hip. The form-fitting camo pants hugged her bubbly booty and accentuated her hourglass curves.

The 33-year-old mom of one looked over her shoulder toward the photographer and held one hand up close to her face. The green jacket was pushed off of that shoulder to add a hint of sultry flair to the shot.

The second upload showed Angela facing the camera. She again cocked a hip and tugged down her pants slightly with one hand in a pocket. She flaunted a hint of her chiseled abs with this shot, along with her bombshell curves.

The final picture also showed Angela from the front. This time, she tugged at the lapels of her stunning coat as she looked directly at the camera. Her long hair extensions tumbled casually over her shoulders and chest and she left her lips parted slightly as she maintained a serious facial expression.

In her caption, Angela quipped about only looking back to see how far one has come. The reality television star’s 6.7 million followers had plenty of praise to lavish on her over this set of snapshots.

Over the course of about 18 hours, nearly 50,000 of her fans liked this series of uploads. More than 440 people also commented, and the fire emoji were plentiful as everybody tried to detail their appreciation for this sassy vibe.

“Stunning as usual,” one person praised.

“That’s super hot,” teased another.

“O damn pretty curvy brown sugar mogul,” someone declared.

“Beautiful picture perfect queen,” detailed another follower.

This gorgeous display of confidence and sass comes just a few days after Angela uploaded an enlightening and motivational post. She recently explained to her fans that she was entering a rebuilding phase where she was determined to finetune her physical and mental health. Many of her supporters might say that she already exemplifies near perfection, especially with this latest trio of snaps.