President Trump Thanks Supporters Rallying For His Recovery At Walter Reed Hospital

In a tweet Sunday morning, U.S. President Donald Trump thanked a group of supporters who have gathered outside the hospital where he is getting treatment for COVID-19.

The 45th president was taken to the Bethesda, Maryland, hospital this week following his diagnosis of the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus. The facility has, for decades, traditionally been where U.S. presidents are treated for their medical issues.

As Fox News reported on Saturday night, a sort of impromptu Trump rally, absent the POTUS himself, sprung up near the building. Specifically, dozens gathered for an event given the title "Women For America First," which functioned as a sort of prayer vigil for the ailing politician.

"If you can't join with a group of people tonight Light a candle in your home and pray Take picture of the candle and post with #PrayersforPOTUS We are all in this together!" tweeted Amy Kremer, the event's organizer.

On Sunday morning, Trump tweeted a video of the event. In the brief clip, which can be seen below, a crowd of supporters, many carrying "Trump 2020" flags and similar regalia, cheered while horns honked. One man ran back and forth along the length of the event with his banner.

Trump thanked his supporters for their well-wishes.

On Twitter, supporters who weren't able to be in Bethesda for the rally gave their support via social media.

"Good Morning, Mr. President! You are our voice, You are our hope. You are all that's standing between us and a leftist hell. We love you. Get well quickly!" one user tweeted.

Others weren't so supportive.

"Our potus is... breathing with the help of machines and breakfast is chemotherapy. Is that your idea of winning??" wrote another commenter on Twitter.

A different user didn't address Trump's health, but rather, that of his supporters.

"That's just perfect, a bunch of Trumpsters ignoring social distancing, not wearing masks," they tweeted.

Meanwhile, the matter of just how sick Trump is remains a matter of dispute.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, the messages the American people have been getting about the president's health have been mixed. For example, his personal physician said that he is improving but not out of the woods. However, by contrast, Trump's chief of staff reported that his blood oxygen levels had at one point dropped rapidly.

Similarly, as reported by The Inquisitr, some Americans are convinced that photos and videos of Trump from the hospital are "staged" and "manipulated."