WWE Rumors: New Faction Reportedly Set To Be Introduced To 'Friday Night SmackDown'

According to Wrestling News.co, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns will reportedly form and lead a heel stable on Friday Night SmackDown in the coming months.

The report stated that Jimmy and Jey Uso will join the Universal Champion's unit. However, the plans won't come to fruition until Jimmy has recovered from his current injury.

As of this writing, Reigns and Jey are currently involved in a Universal Championship feud on the blue brand's weekly show. Reigns defeated his cousin at last weekend's Clash of Champions pay-per-view, but "The Big Dog" has granted him a rematch at Hell in a Cell.

The rematch will have a high stakes stipulation attached that's yet to be revealed. As the WrestlingNews.co article noted, the bout will mark the next chapter in an ongoing story that's set to involve more superstars down the line. Some of the mystery performers may even factor into the purported stable.

It remains to be seen if Reigns' stipulation will lead to an alliance forming between him and Jey. The angle has been playing up their real-life family dynamic, and the duo isn't outright enemies despite their rivalry. Perhaps the stipulation will involve Jey doing his bidding if his title challenge is unsuccessful.

Roman Reigns celebrates Universal Championship win

The article highlighted that WWE's creative team had been discussing Reigns leading a faction recently, and one of the superstars who's supposedly going to be involved wants it to happen.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, Jey wants them to form a stable that honors their Samoan heritage.

"The Bloodline will come on and off. That will always be there. But imagine us running that thing full-blown – and I would love to be heel – a heel faction. Hell yeah, bro! I wanna see some Samoan Swat Team 2.0 type of things, man. It's written by itself, right?"
The Samoan Swat Team competed in WCW in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Samu and Fatu were part of the alliance, which was managed by Paul Heyman. He just so happens to be working alongside Reigns on Friday Night SmackDown at the moment.

Fatu — who WWE fans will remember as the Hall of Famer Rikishi — is also the Uso brothers' father. A second iteration of the faction could be interesting due to the familial connection.

As Jey noted, the group will likely be called The Bloodline. Reigns and The Usos have used this name for their group when they've partnered up in the past.

However, while they have formed brief alliances on television before, the company has primarily opted to use Reigns as a singles performer since The Shield split up.