Fitness Model Lexi Kai Sprawls On A Harley Davidson In The Desert: ‘Ride Or Die’

selfie of Lexi Kai
Lexi Kai / Instagram

Instagram model Lexi Kai took to her social media account on Saturday evening with a series of colorful snaps that got her 761,000 followers’ engines revving. The 24-year-old Denver, Colorado native posed provocatively on a motorcycle, while wearing a skintight ensemble.

Lexi geotagged her location in Boulder, a city just northwest of Denver at the base of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The spacious setting created the perfect backdrop for the racy photo shoot.

Lexi wore an off-the-shoulder leotard featuring a brown, white, and black snakeskin print. The garment was cut straight across the top of her voluptuous bust, leaving her décolletage and chiseled shoulders exposed. It had long sleeves that covered the tops of her hands, with thumbholes on the insides.

The bottom of the leotard rose insanely high over her hips, nearly meeting her rib cage. The lower half of the piece transitioned into just a narrow strip of fabric down the center that showed off her toned abdominal muscles on either side.

She also wore a skintight pair of white denim jeans tucked into over-the-knee black boots. The pants were highly distressed, with huge holes running up and down the front, allowing her tanned thighs to peek through.

Lexi’s seductive footwear appeared to feature a soft, suede-like material that clung to her legs combined with shiny leather surrounding her feet. They had zippers up the inside seams as well as thick, rugged soles with chunky heels.

She tagged the clothing brand Fashion Nova for her outfit.

Lexi’s long, platinum tresses were styled straight and parted off-center.

In the first image, her hair cascaded over both shoulders and seemingly blew in the wind. Lexi posed leaning against the side of the Harley Davidson motorcycle, which looked enormous in comparison to her athletic frame.

Her legs were spread far apart from one another and she posed with her shoulders pushed back. She extended both arms out to her side — one rested against the back of the bike and the other motioned toward the modified handlebars. She turned her head and gazed off-camera, displaying her striking features in profile.

The blue sky behind her appeared immense. Most of it was clear, with the exception of a soft line of pink clouds that hovered along the ground in the distance. Flat dirt sparsely dotted with dry desert grasses gave way to the shadowed outline of the edge of mountains on the horizon.