Susan Lucci, 73, Looks Great In Camouflage Leggings For Biking On A 'Perfect Fall Day'

Soap opera legend Susan Lucci treated her Instagram followers to a photo of herself as she mounted a bicycle to enjoy a gorgeous fall day, and they adored the glimpse into how she spends her leisure time.

The 73-year-old actress stood in front of a beautifully manicured lawn with bright pink flowers beside her on a brick pathway. She held onto a royal blue bicycle, and placed one foot on a pedal and one hand on the seat as if she were about to hop on and go for a ride.

Lucci wore a pair of camouflage capri-length leggings in various shades of green, which she paired with a matching black jacket with an inset of the same camo fabric. She wore it partly unzipped, leaving a bit of her neck and upper chest uncovered. On her feet, she wore gray and white tennis shoes that featured a pop of hot pink, and pink socks that echoed the color of the flowers beside her.

Her highlighted brunette hair fell in wavy layers over her shoulders with a long fringe over her forehead. The teased style also had some height near the crown of her hair. Lucci wore a pair of large dark sunglasses to protect her eyes, and she had a large ring on one finger.

The former All My Children star had a large smile on her face as she prepared to enjoy the crisp sunny outing.

Lucci indicated that the weather was perfect, and she had her bike's tires ready to go.

Her fans showed the post a lot of love. More than 2,800 Instagram users hit the "like" button, and nearly 115 took the time to leave a positive comment for the daytime icon.

"Don't forget your helmet. And I'm not talking about your hubby," warned one fan who added blushing and heart-eye emoji.

"Hahaha! I won't forget," Lucci replied, adding three dancing women.

"You have motivated me to get my bike out! I've been dusting it in my garage lately. Air in your tires is good! Have a lovely ride," a second follower enthused.

"Could you be any more beautiful?" wondered a third devotee who added a blue heart emoji.

"I love your athleisure line of clothing. I wear mine all the time. Those leggings are awesome," a fourth fan declared.

Lucci regularly engages with her social media followers. The Inquisitr previously reported that she delighted them with a throwback photo of herself dancing the tango on Dancing With The Stars.