Melanie C's New Studio Album Receives Rave Reviews, Hailed As Her Best Work

Melanie C, also known as Sporty Spice, has had a long music career and is still going strong after debuting on the scene with the Spice Girls nearly 25 years ago. On October 2, the 46-year-old singer dropped her new self-titled studio album, which has been receiving rave reviews from critics.

As seen in the promotional video for the release on Instagram, The Guardian stated that it is "her best work."

The record currently has received generally favorable reviews on Metacritic and has a Metascore of 63 based on four reviews.

MusicOMH gave the LP a score of 70 out of 100 and said "it's considerably better than it has any right to be, made up of a surprisingly satisfying mix of bright modern pop, standard club bangers and Billie Eilish-esque miserablism."

NME described Melanie C as "an invigorating, uplifting record" while Evening Standard expressed how confident and empowered the songstress sounds throughout the LP in their four out of five-star review.

Aside from music critics, her fans are also very impressed with the album and took to her Instagram comments section to tell her how much they adore the new release.

"CONGRATS!!! You've created one of the best masterpieces of MELANIE C the album MELANIE C! There's not a single song you'd wanna skip on this album!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" one user wrote.

"Thank you for this masterpiece. Your best so far! You made 2020 a whole lot better," another person shared.

"This album is sooooo good!! Can't stop listening to it," remarked a third fan.

"Definitely one of your best records," a fourth admirer commented.

In the U.K., Melanie C is currently at No. 5 on the iTunes chart, proving to be an instant commercial success. It is her first studio album in four years.

In an interview on The One Show on October 2, Melanie admitted that chart-topping star Adele helped influence her to make this record. When the Spice Girls embarked on their stadium tour last year, Adele was one of the guests that met the group backstage because she was such a big fan.

When starting to work on new music, Melanie felt very inspired to write empowering songs about the "incredible" life experiences she's been able to have because of her loyal fans. The "Never Be The Same Again" hitmaker explained that a lot of the songs are about self-acceptance and embracing all aspects of herself, hoping it will allow others to do the same. You can watch the interview on YouTube here.