Julianne Hough Looks Happy & Fit As She Teases Her Funky Friday Mood

Julianne Hough shared a new pair of photos on her Instagram page Friday that got her followers talking. The Kinrgy program creator looked happy as she posed for a couple of casual snapshots and celebrated that it was the end of the week.

The 32-year-old beauty wore an open gray cardigan sweater over a loose white T-shirt. Skintight gray leggings showcased her lower half and she wore simple sneakers on her feet.

The sun was setting in the distance and Julianne posed atop a high rock structure. Rolling green hills could be seen beyond where she stood, and she looked quite at home in this natural setting.

Julianne wore her short blond tresses in a messy, casual style. Her locks were swept over her head in the first photo, untamed and blowing around a bit.

In the second upload, the former Dancing with the Stars personality tousled her hair with her hands in a messy way. It seemed that she was anxious to embrace the opportunity to go a little wild here.

The former America's Got Talent judge smiled broadly in the first photo as she raised one arm straight up into the air. In the second photo, she squatted slightly and had a goofy expression on her face. She squinted her eyes and held her mouth wide open as she mugged for the camera.

The dancer appeared radiant in both snapshots and her fit physique looked fabulous even in the casual ensemble.

Julianne's 4.9 million Instagram followers flooded her post with praise in response to the new pictures. By the time the uploads had been live for six hours, nearly 55,000 people had liked them and several hundred had commented.

"Happiness looks so good on you," one fan noted.

"DUDE, I LOVE YOUR ENERGY!!!" another raved.

"Beautiful Sun Goddess," commented someone else.

"Such a beautiful queen!!!" detailed a different fan.

While Julianne's outfit wasn't revealing in this case, it was clear that she has maintained her incredible dancer's figure. The leggings did allow her to flaunt her athletic legs and the curves of her pert derriere, something that her followers seemed to appreciate.

These snapshots may have been relatively tame, but other recent posts have shown Julianne wearing much more salacious outfits. She teased everybody with a peek at a video that her brother Derek Hough had directed, and this one left much less to everybody's imagination.

As much as fans admire her talent as a dancer and her phenomenal physique, it's Julianne's confidence and big energy that seem to keep people coming back for more.