Bruna Rangel Lima Wears Cutout ‘America’ T-Shirt And Exposes Major Cleavage

Bruna Rangel Lima takes a selfie
Bruna Rangel Lima / Instagram

Bikini model and fitness enthusiast Bruna Rangel Lima took to Instagram on Friday evening with a sultry look that stunned her 4.1 million followers.

The Brazilian-born beauty currently resides in Florida, but she geotagged her location for this sunny snap on the opposite coast. The post earned just under 5,000 likes in less than 20 minutes after it had been uploaded, including one from friend and fellow model Natalie Roush.

Several weeks ago, as reported by TheInquisitr, the duo teamed up for a seductive photo shoot in which they wore matching attire and flaunted lots of bare skin.

For this new photo, Bruna posed outdoors in front of a leafy bush and an iron gate with a thick geometric design.

She wore a pair of skintight, nude bicycle shorts that left little to the imagination. They featured a high waist that came up just beneath her navel and legs that ended just about mid-thigh — although the snug fit of the piece caused the hem to creep further up one of her shapely legs.

She paired the shorts with a revealing T-shirt that had a modified design. It featured cap sleeves and a rounded neck, and it was cropped just below her breasts.

The shirt was embellished with a large, keyhole cutout over the center of her breasts, exposing a tantalizing amount of cleavage. A long string stretched taut against the weight of her bust connected the two halves together at the bottom of the garment.

The navy fabric was printed in white across the front, featuring a stylized eagle topped with the word “America” and a row of three stars.

Bruna credited the clothing brand Fashion Nova for her ensemble.

She stood facing the camera with her body turned at a slight angle to further emphasize her impressive physique. She bent one knee out to the side and offset most of her weight onto the other leg, cocking her hips dramatically to the left.

Bruna let both of her arms relax close to her body but pulled the left arm behind her hip to display her derriere. A bit of light shone through the gate next to her and perfectly illuminated the curvaceous feature.

She accessorized with a gold-colored band around her wrist and a delicate ring in her nose.

Her formerly blond tresses were parted in the center and spilled over her shoulder in chestnut waves.

Bruna’s devoted Instagram followers took to her page almost immediately with a flood of compliments.

“Beautiful And Unique As Always,” declared one fan.

“Absolutely stunning,” remarked a second person, adding a few purple hearts at the end.