Halle Berry, 54, Flaunts Her Age-Defying Figure In Tight Workout Gear

Halle Berry poses on the red carpet.
Rachel Murray / Getty Images

Halle Berry works hard to keep her famous figure, and on Friday, the actress gave fans a glimpse of the effort she puts into looking so great.

The actress took to Instagram to share a picture of herself sitting beside her personal trainer while wearing some form-fitting workout gear. The combination of tight pants and a sports bra showed off Berry’s well-toned figure, as she sat on a wall looking off in the distance while the sun cast shadows on both her and her trainer.

In the caption, Berry shared a bit about how she gets an extra intensive leg workout.

Berry told fans that “a little weight goes a LONG way in a workout,” and recommended that they try ankle weights to give their workouts a boost. The 54-year-old actress then took to her Instagram stories to show off some videos of herself putting the weights into action, going through a series of lower-body exercises while carrying some extra pounds around the ankles.

The post was a huge hit with fans, who have come to anticipate the health and fitness updates she posts at the end of every week. She calls the posts her “Fitness Friday” series, in which she gives followers simple ideas of how they can improve their diet and exercise regimens, often by sharing ways they can exercise with objects around the home to avoid expensive equipment or gym fees.

The picture of Berry sitting next to trainer Peter Lee Thomas was a big hit, racking up more than 15,000 likes and attracting plenty of supportive comments. Many commended the star for her age-defying looks, and praised the work she puts in to stay in such amazing shape.

“I’m calling it. Halle Berry is the most attractive person of all time…. she never ages and is insanely beautiful,” one fan commented.

“Endless beauty,” wrote another.

“You look so beautiful mommie I love you!! Keep up the great work,” added another fan.

Berry has turned her weekly “Fitness Friday” updates into something of a business. She operates a site called re-spin, which is billed as a community for stories and conversations to support people looking to improve their health and wellness. The site also hosts a number of products, which Berry often pitches on her social media. The updates regularly gain viral interest, attracting tens of thousands of likes and scores of comments for each of her weekly posts.