Yaslen Clemente Shows Off Cheeky Assets & Underboob In Stunning Bikini Share

Model Yaslen clemente poses for a mirrored bikini selfie.
Yaslen Clemente / Instagram

Model and noted fitness fanatic Yaslen Clemente continues to use her popular Instagram feed to show off the results of her intensive workout and dietary regimen. In her latest video post, which was uploaded on Friday, October 2, the 23-year-old social media influencer thrilled her 2.2 million followers by maneuvering through a shallow pool in a tiny, two-piece ensemble.

Using the post’s caption, Clemente revealed that the sexy swimsuit set was a part of her own Bikinis By Yas line, which is scheduled to launch on October 10, according to the brand’s Instagram account. In any case, the pastel blue garment proved to be extremely effective in accentuating her body’s sharp curves and bountiful attributes throughout the stunning share.

The overall presentation was also aided in no small part by the backing audio track, “Sunset Lover” by French DJ and music producer Petit Biscuit, which made an appearance on the U.S. Billboard Dance Chart in 2015.

Clemente’s clip commenced with a shot of the fitness model moving toward the camera as she climbed a small set of steps out of the pool. With her head cocked to her left and her eyes firmly affixed to the camera, she grasped at the blond ends of her hair as she moved.

Her light blue, bandeau-style bikini top was tied together in the front with a large knot. The tight-fighting number allowed her to show a significant amount of underboob, as well as a fair bit of cleavage. Meanwhile, the bottom garment — which was even more minuscule than her top piece — had a stringy design and looked to be tied together on both sides.

After she reached the end of the steps, the clip cut to a close-up shot of Clemente as she sat in the water and gestured suggestively at the camera. That was followed by a rear-view shot of Clemente standing once again at the top of the pool’s stairs, flashing her cheeky assets, biting her thumb and smiling impishly. Shortly thereafter, the clip ended.

Clemente’s video update made a measurable impression on her fans, accruing 13,000 likes in just a few short hours after appearing on her feed. Several of her followers couldn’t help but share their affection for the post in its comments section.

“Absolutely killing it,” appraised one enamored commenter.

“You look beautiful as always,” added a second admirer.

“I like her body but can we just talk about that beautiful cute face?” asked another fan. “That smile must brighten a room.”

“Uffffffff perfect beautiful body @yaslenxoxo,” wrote yet another devotee.

Clemente has been incredibly active on social media of late, posting several times on Friday alone. In her previous update, she also flaunted her curves while wearing an animal-print workout set.