Demi Rose Showcases Her Insane Cleavage And Jaw-Dropping Curves While Swimming In Spain

Demi Rose poses for a picture for her Instagram
Demi Rose / Instagram

Demi Rose shared a set of steamy photos for her 14.8 million Instagram followers to obsess over again. She flaunted her curvy figure while she posed in the shallow end of a pool.

Demi rocked a one-piece swimsuit with the Fendi logo printed all over it. The outfit had long sleeves and an eye-catching low neckline. The suit also featured a thong-style bottom, which allowed her to display her slim waist and derrière.

In her first picture, Demi lay on her stomach as she propped herself up on her elbows and slightly arched her back. The position also allowed her backside to rise above the surface of the pool. The depth of the water that she rested in was very shallow, as only her forearms fell below the water. Demi revealed a large amount of her cleavage in the insanely low-cut suit.

The 25-year-old’s long, dark brown hair was soaking wet and was slicked back against her head. She gazed away from the camera while she maintained a neutral expression for the shot.

In the second photo, Demi’s photographer captured the curves of her body in a side profile. She appeared to be positioned in the same location as the previous picture. In this pose, however, she brought her right hand to gently caress the side of her face as she looked off into the distance. Her full lips were slightly parted and her eyes were closed. With the picture taken from the side, Demi’s pert backside was more easily visible.

Demi ended her post with a short, repeating video. In the film, she brought her right hand to cup her chin and cheek, while the opposite appeared to be holding her body up. She subtly tilted her head while she shot a seductive gaze at the camera. Once again, her insane cleavage was visible as small splashes hit her chest.

She appeared to be in a resort’s pool, as there were numerous lounge chairs, palm trees, and beautiful landscaping as the sun set in the background of the snaps.

Over 500 people made their way into the comments section in under an hour after it went live. Most followers were amazed at her stunning figure, as a majority of the comments were rows of fire emoji.

“Absolutely stunning and gorgeous,” one fan wrote admiringly.

“The most beautiful queen deserves to be worshipped,” another person stated.

Demi’s fans are no strangers to posts of her curvy physique. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she sizzled in a high-cut beige bodysuit as she showed off her toned legs and jaw-dropping physique.