Experts Warn Donald Trump Is At High Risk For Coronavirus Complications

Kristine Lofgren

After Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus, as The Inquisitr previously reported, doctors warned that as a 74-year-old man who is considered seriously overweight, he is at high risk for complications from the disease.

Dr. John Torres told Today there are several factors that could have an impact on his experience with the virus.

"They're going to have to watch him over the next few days very closely," he said. "He does have a couple of risk factors that put him at a higher category of possibly suffering complications from COVID-19."

The first risk factor is that he is considered a senior citizen, Torres said.

"He's 74, 65 and above, that puts you in a higher risk category."

Back in June, "he had a weight of 244, a height of 6'3". That puts him in the obesity category."

Those who are in this bracket are more likely to become sicker or even die from the virus.

The two conditions combine to create an increased risk of suffering from health issues related to COVID-19.

However, Torres added, he seems to be doing well and will likely be fine, particularly given that he has a better level of care than most people in the world. Doctors also better know how to treat the disease than they did earlier on. Unless he begins showing symptoms, the doctor added that Trump should stay in isolation until October 10 to be safe.

Dr. Oz spoke with Fox & Friends and also expressed concern about the president's health. The video of that interview can be viewed here

"At age 74 and being 244 pounds, which takes his BMI over 30, which is the obese category, he's got those two risk factors. Here in New York City, being obese was the single biggest risk factor for having big-time complications," he said. "But just going on age, if you're a young male versus a 74-year-old gentleman, the difference is quite dramatic."

He added that those in older age brackets have a 90 times higher mortality rate and are much more likely to be hospitalized.

The White House has confirmed that Trump is currently only experiencing mild symptoms and is under the care of his physicians. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows vowed to keep the public updated about the health of the president and the first lady, Melania Trump. He said that both of them are in good spirits and that Trump is still energetic and interested in keeping the country running, as a video posted by CNBC showed. That video can be viewed here.