Ana Cheri Shows Off Her Booty In A Red Bikini And Enjoys A Big Floating Breakfast

Ana Cheri gave her Instagram followers a view of her voluptuous booty while she enjoyed a breathtaking view during her vacation in the Maldives. On Friday, the model shared a video of herself eating breakfast outdoors in a revealing bikini.

Ana's video began with a shot of the model soaking up some rays as she relaxed in a blue-tiled pool located right next to the ocean. She leaned over the edge of the pool and gazed at the wide expanse of turquoise water that stretched out in front of her all the way to the horizon. The weather was bright and sunny, and the only clouds drifting in the sky were scant wisps.

Ana had her back to the camera, and her legs floated up behind her as she slowly kicked them. Her curvy derrière was above water. She wore a ribbed red bikini that fit her like a glove. Her bottoms featured a thong back with an arched cut on both sides that accentuated her glistening backside's round shape. The garment also had a high waist that cinched in to emphasize her hourglass figure.

Ana's matching top was a long-line bralette with curved cutouts on the front and back. The piece also featured wide, supportive shoulder straps and a neckline that scooped down low to display her ample assets. Her brunette hair was styled in loose spiral curls. A deep side part caused a few of the curls to fall over one eye.

The video soon cut to a shot of Ana smiling and facing the camera as a floating, heart-shaped basket was pushed toward her. The large container served as a table for a large spread that included waffles, omelets, toast, fresh fruit, pastries, and orange juice. A few decorative tropical flowers had been placed around the dishes. The clip ended after Ana savored a bite of waffle and took a sip of orange juice from a stemmed crystal glass.

The musical accompaniment that Ana chose for her idyllic footage was the song "Good Morning" by Star Boy Lanez. She included a hashtag in her caption that identified the location of the shoot as the Cocoon Maldives luxury resort.

As of this writing, Ana's post has racked up over 21,000 likes and 200 comments from her many admirers. The drooling emoji was also a popular response to her upload.

"Now that's breakfast with a view," read one message.

"Have a great time at the pool beautiful! And enjoy your breakfast gorgeous!" said another fan.

"You're so gorgeous. I'm in love," declared a third admirer.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ana wore a different red bikini when she went snorkeling during her trip. She also treated her followers to footage of that fun excursion.