Nata Lee Goes Braless Under Tight Crop Top While Sporting A Pair Of Skinny Jeans

Model Nata Lee appears to be gearing up for cooler temperatures. In her latest Instagram update, she gave her fans a peek at some of the new pieces in her fall wardrobe. Her look included a crop top, jeans and a pair of thigh-high boots.

The blond bombshell went braless under the tight top, showcasing her ample bust. The number was an off-white color and looked to be made of a soft, stretchy fabric. She wore khaki pants that fit her body like a glove. They had a low-rise waist, showing off plenty of skin on her abdomen. The model also sported a dark brown belt. Her boots were brown and featured laces up the back.

Nata wore her thick blond tresses down in waves. She sported a belly piercing as her only piece of jewelry. She wore a pair of round sunglasses and carried a small brown purse over one shoulder.

The post consisted of two frames that captured the model outside in a city setting. High-rise buildings and a few trees could be seen in the distance.

The first picture captured Nata from the front. The image was cropped above her knees, giving her admirers a good look at her hourglass shape. She smiled as she looked to the side and crossed one leg in front of the other.

In the second slide, she held her hair on the top of her head. The photo was taken from a slight angle and showcased her voluptuous chest and tight abs. Her shapely arms were also on display. The tops of her boots could barely be seen, as the photo was cropped around her knees.

Racking up an impressive 133,000 likes within an hour, the post proved to be a big hit among her followers.

In the caption, Nata asked her followers what they thought of her outfit while also tagging the photographer.

It seemed many approved of what she was wearing.

"Wow! Very, very Precious! You are seen! It fits you well! You look very very attractive, charming, delicious, divine and exquisite!" quipped one admirer.

"I normally dont comment … you have so many followers … but WOW THIS IS 20/10," a second Instagram user added.

"There is no version of you that is not beautiful," a third comment read.

"Natalee so incredibly beautiful and gorgeous completely irresistible," wrote a fourth follower.

This is hardly the first time Nata thrilled her online audience recently. She did so yet again when she shared a post that saw her revealing quite a bit more skin in a striped bikini.