Angela Simmons Looks Fabulous In New Workout Video: ‘Left Too Much On The Table’

Angela Simmons attends the Samsung Experience at NBA Opening Night
Steve Jennings / Getty Images

Growing Up Hip Hop star Angela Simmons shared a video highlighting a recent workout to her Instagram page on Thursday evening. She embraced an intense string of exercises during her nighttime gym session and fans had plenty to say.

The video was fairly short, but it covered a lot of ground. It showed Angela in an indoor gym area that was fully decked out with everything that the entrepreneur and reality television personality could need to get her sweat on.

Angela wore a pair of grey leggings, white sneakers, and a white T-shirt. She incorporated a neon green waist trainer for a portion of her gym time as well. She had her long, dark hair extensions swept back into a high ponytail and pulled a dark headband over her tresses to hold back any loose wisps.

The Growing Up Hip Hop star worked with her trainer in the video. He wore a hoodie and worked through some boxing moves with her at one point, pushing her quite hard. She seemed to get in a very intense workout, tackling several different pieces of equipment as she worked up a major sweat.

In her caption, Angela commented on the intensity of the workout and how starving it left her. She added the “built not bought” hashtag and noted that this was personal. This seemed to be a continuation of her mission to renew her wellness efforts, something she opened up about a bit earlier in the week.

The clip was viewed more than 66,000 times overnight and received well over 5,000 likes. Dozens of comments poured in as Angela’s fans supported her endeavor.

“That’s what’s up! Get it Angela,” one fan praised.

“Love the grind,” another commented.

“You’re doing great!! Keep up the good work,” someone noted.

“Keep up the great work! I remember when you first started boxing you came along way,” wrote another follower.

Angela shares plenty of Instagram updates showing her looking glamorous, however, she also consistently updates her 6.7 million followers on her wellness efforts, sharing pics where she looks sweaty and real.

The Growing Up Hip Hop star recently celebrated her birthday, and it seems she’s using that milestone as an opportunity to refocus and make the most of the year ahead. This late-night exercise session proved that she’s quite serious about her wellness goals and her followers are happy to cheer her on through every moment of her efforts.