Piers Morgan Calls Out Donald Trump Haters For Celebrating His Positive Coronavirus Test

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TV host Piers Morgan took to Twitter on Friday morning to call out Donald Trump haters for celebrating the president’s COVID-19 diagnosis.

As reported at the time by The Inquisitr, on Friday, it was announced that both the 45th president and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

Some Twitter commenters used the occasion to deride the commander in chief for his approach to the coronavirus pandemic.

For example, one user noted that Trump had previously mocked his opponent, Joe Biden, for wearing a mask.

“Hey Donny, l can hardly wait to see you deride our next president Joe Biden for wearing a mask again,” they tweeted.

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“He showed zero empathy for the 200,000 poor souls who lost their lives to Covid. I think this is divine intervention for mocking people who wear masks and his lack of empathy for his fellow man. I have no empathy for him. Zero, Zip & None!” wrote another on Twitter.

“Serves you right,” tweeted another.

Those are some of the milder comments. One wrote a missive explicitly hoping that he doesn’t live through this. Another mockingly suggested that Trump drink, inject, and bathe in bleach, referencing a remark the president had made months ago that perhaps bleach could be a cure for the virus. Another posted a photo of a child smiling gleefully.

Morgan is having none of it.

Throughout the Trump presidency, the British television personality has supported the president in some cases and has opposed him in others.

As CNN Business reported in August, the two men have known each other for a decade, and even consider each other friends. But that hasn’t stopped Morgan from being critical of the POTUS at certain key points. For example, he accused Trump of “failing the American people” when it came to his response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Morgan has referred to himself as a “critical friend” of the New York real estate developer.

Back on Twitter, Morgan is getting a mix of praise and derision for his callout of Trump detractors.

One commenter, for example, alleged that Trump coming down with the viral disease is “all his fault.” Another simply opined, “Piers, shut up.”

Others were slightly more sympathetic. One user, for example, wrote that while he hopes the commander in chief makes a full recovery, he believes Trump is a fool for having contracted the disease after mocking people for wearing masks.