Vanessa Hudgens Continues Her Spooky Streak With Sexy Skeleton Outfit

Vanessa Hudgens attends West Side Story premiere.
Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens shared a Halloween-ready shot to her Instagram feed on Thursday with a seductive, skeleton-themed costume. In the black-and-white photo, Vanessa stood in front of a full-length mirror likely in her home, and she shared the details of the look with her 39.2 million followers.

For the style, the High School Musical star wore a large, black hoodie with a white skeleton design on the front and on the sleeves. She sported the hood over her head with her eyes peering above a large, black face mask that had bars over the mouth, giving off a menacing feel.

Vanessa made a statement with the outfit on the bottom of her look. She was standing tall with her right leg cocked to the side and showed off her toned legs with leather harness-style straps peeking out from underneath her hoodie. She also sported knee socks under tall, black combat boots to create a goth vibe that complemented the “sexy skeleton” feel of the overall look. The Spring Breakers star also wore dark nail polish to go with the outfit, accessorizing her look with a few rings on her fingers.

Vanessa also showed off the details of her abode in the picture, showcasing a beautifully wallpapered wall in the background and other modern-style furniture. The cherry on top of the shot was her small dog running in front of the picture, looking upon its owner’s scary aesthetic.

The actress joked for her fans to “drop” her into a “spooky background” to make the image complete, challenging people to send her the “best edit” of the upload.

Vanessa’s followers were quick to respond to the autumnal-style photo, with more than 352,000 likes on the post and over 950 comments. Multiple people commented with flame and heart-eyed emoji, appreciating Vanessa’s look, while others wrote in bats, jack-o’-lanterns, spider webs, and other Halloween-themed symbols to celebrate the season.

“It that time of the year again I was waiting for your post girl,” one user stated.

“That is the sickest outfit,” raved a fan.

“[S]pooky queen,” said an admirer, noting Vanessa’s epic Halloween posts.

“I LOVE OCTOBER VANESSA,” gushed one follower.

Fellow famous pal Paris Hilton also commented with her appreciation for the post, simply commenting with three flame emoji.

This photo is one among many Vanessa has been posting lately, as she shared two other Halloween-themed shots to her feed over the past week. As The Inquisitr recently reported, another image update showed the 31-year-old and friend GG Magree in matching latex catsuits, emulating the popular Catwoman character from the Batman comic series.