'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Posts Sweet Tribute To Hubby Cole DeBoer On Pair's Anniversary

Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska took to Instagram on Thursday evening to share an adorable photo and note about her wedding anniversary. She and her husband Cole DeBoer got married four years ago, and fans went wild over this touching update.

The snapshot featured Chelsea and Cole, and it seemed that she was sitting on his lap. She had one arm wrapped around the back of his neck, and it appeared that she was snapping the picture with her other hand. Both of them looked directly at the camera and smiled, with her head tilted to lean lightly against his.

Both reality television stars had face masks pushed down under their chins as the straps remained around their ears.

It appeared that this may have been taken in a waiting room of some sort, given the television mounted in the corner near the ceiling and the rows of chairs behind the couple. Whatever prompted Chelsea to snap the photo, she apparently felt it was just the perfect shot to go along with a celebratory note regarding their anniversary.

Chelsea said that Cole was incredible and kind. She added that she was quite grateful for the life they were building together and that she was proud to be his wife.

It certainly has been quite the wild ride for the pair over the past few years. Chelsea was raising daughter Aubree when she met her now-husband, and they have since added a son, Watson, and daughter, Layne, to their family.

A couple of months ago, she revealed that one more baby was on the way, and she later shared that they were expecting another girl. They've been building their dream house together and they certainly seem to be living their best lives together at this point.

Teen Mom fans flooded Chelsea's post with sweet messages to help her celebrate this big milestone with Cole. In just a few hours, more than 172,000 likes and 825 comments had come in from her nearly 6 million followers.

"You literally deserve every ounce of happiness you receive and more! Love watching you and your family!" one follower commented.

"Y'all are seriously the cutest! Much love and happiness for forever," another said.

"What! I feel like you've been together a lifetime!" teased someone else.

"Happy anniversary y'all and thank you for being that incredible couple who sets such a good example of what true love really is!" another Teen Mom fan declared.

Chelsea has been sharing house and baby updates regularly, along with some tidbits about the family's three kids. She's certainly come a long way since first appearing on reality television, and her followers are thrilled to see her look so radiant and content.