'General Hospital' Fans Think That Ryan Chamberlain May Be Back For Another Frightful Halloween

It's been two years since General Hospital had its Halloween full of terror thanks to Ryan Chamberlain's killing spree. He has since been locked up, but he is seemingly not done with Port Charles just yet.

On Thursday's show, Ava Jerome got a phone call and Ryan was on the other end. She was shocked to say the least. Continuing on Monday, Soap Central indicates that she will understandingly be on edge after their conversation. There isn't any indication on what will be said between them, but Ryan is expected to torment her in some way.

Little is known at this point just how much the killer knows about all the happenings in Port Charles. However, the last time he was seen in Pentonville, he had pictures of Ava plastered on his wall. It's highly likely that he knows what her marital status is right now.

Ryan befriended Nelle Benson when they were locked up in the same facility. He was actually the one who helped her get out by stabbing her at her request. Nelle is supposedly dead now, but she has found a way to live on to cause more trouble.

As General Hospital viewers had seen over the past week, Nelle's letter that Martin Grey had been carrying around in his briefcase had been stolen by Julian Jerome, Nelle's husband, but he got quite a surprise instead.

Nelle knew exactly what Julian would do if she met her demise. The letter that she gave to her lawyer only contained a teaser, but as The Inquisitr had previously detailed, the note containing the info that would incriminate Julian was actually sent to Ryan. It was a twist that no one saw coming.

Chloe Lanier and Jon Lindstrom on set of 'General Hospital'
ABC | Todd Wawrychuk

That means that Ryan has the upper hand, and since Ava is Julian's sister, he will likely use that to his advantage.

General Hospital fans are left wondering if this is a hint that Ryan will somehow get out of prison just in time for October 31.

"Maybe they are setting up a return of Ryan for Halloween," one viewer said.

"I hope gh does a Halloween show with Ryan," another fan mentioned.

If he should return to Port Charles this month, his evil sights may be set on Ava's husband, Nikolas Cassadine. There could be a deadly duel between these two men for the affections of the woman who has drawn both of them in.

General Hospital fans are gearing up for the possible return of Ryan with the intention of getting back at those who have betrayed him. Nelle was clever enough to give her villainous friend some leverage to gain control of his situation, and that will have both Julian and Ava rattled.