WWE News: Former Superstar Claims Vince McMahon Wanted To Bury Him With ‘Erectile Dysfunction’ Storyline

Vince McMahon appears on WWE television

On the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted, by way of Fightful, Miro — formerly known as Rusev in WWE — recalled how Vince McMahon wanted to add a humiliating element to his love triangle storyline with Lana and Bobby Lashley from last year.

In the angle, Lana revealed that she left Miro, her real-life husband, for Lashley because he was a sex addict. However, the chairman also wanted to have her claim that he was unable to perform in the bedroom. According to Miro, he had to protest against the suggestion as he believed it would “kill” his career.

“There’s nothing wrong with people who have erectile dysfunction, people take care of it, but that was not the case here. There was no coming back from it. Absolutely no coming back from it. I told them, ‘Vince, this is going to bury me completely.’ He already had the man who took my wife, then I have erectile dysfunction, and I’m going to lose. I wasn’t supposed to lose, that just changed with time. I said it was a better idea if we do the sex addict thing, and he went for it right away.”

The sex addiction aspect wasn’t played up on television after it was mentioned the first time. However, Miro’s words suggested that the creative team was coming up with new ideas every week to add more shock value to the angle.

Lana kisses Bobby Lashley while Rusev lies on the mat

Some fans and pundits speculated that the storyline was the company’s way of punishing Miro because he hadn’t signed a new contract. There were reports of him requesting his release on a couple of occasions as well.

As Miro noted in the interview, he was booked to lose most of his matches against Lashley as well. During the early stages, he looked set to get his own back and overcome the heels, but he ended up being taken off television shortly after Liv Morgan returned to Monday Night Raw and began feuding with Lana.

The decision to make Miro’s opponent look dominant may have been McMahon’s way of trying to make Miro look weak before he left to join a competitor.

As The Inquisitr recently reported, Miro revealed that the company wanted to do the adultery angle to stir controversy. However, the report also highlighted that officials didn’t have a planned end for the story. That is why it fizzled out without a conclusion, and Miro eventually parted ways with the promotion.