Jessica Killings Flashes Toned Abs, Tempting Cleavage While Imploring Fans To ‘Get Up’

Model and influencer Jessica Killings attends the Abyss By Abby Launch in L.A. in 2019.
Jerritt Clark / Getty Images

Model, fitness aficionado and music video actress Jessica “Charm” Killings managed to show off her taut, tempting physique in her latest social media share while simultaneously prompting her fans to up their activity level. On Thursday, the 31-year-old included a sexy snapshot of herself in formfitting activewear that revealed her toned abs and a considerable amount of cleavage.

Aside from drawing the attention of her 1.9 million followers with a significant showing of skin, Killings also offered them words of inspiration in the post’s caption. While lamenting the anxiety caused by everything that’s going on in the world, she implored her admirers to “get up and get moving” as a means of combating the condition. She further asserted that just 15 minutes could be enough to help improve one’s mood.

A number of the replies in the comments section indicated that the model’s picture and call to action made a positive impact on her fans. Meanwhile, other commenters were simply enthralled by Killings’ beauty in the aforementioned shot.

“@jessicakillings you are so amazing and inspiring and awesome,” wrote one energized follower.

“Awesome encouragement!” raved a second fan. “You’re really inspirational!”

“The fit looks amazing on you!” exclaimed another admirer.

“Gorgeous Super Woman,” added a fourth user.

Killings stood before a large, wooden fence in the photo, which was a medium shot showing her body from the top of her head to her lower thighs, just above the knees. Due to the relatively blank canvas provided by the backdrop, Killings’ shapely features and picturesque face were all the more eye-catching.

With her eyes firmly affixed to the camera’s lens, Killings posed with one hand caressing the side of her neck and hair while the other rested at her side. Meanwhile, she bent one of her knees and looked to be shifting her hip outward on the opposite side, further emphasizing her curvy figure in the process.

Her tight blue sports bra featured a plunging neckline and the garment only extended a few inches below her bustline. As a result, the divide between her breasts was extremely prominent in the upper half of the photo, while her abs and navel could be seen in the middle third.

Finally, Killings’ pert posterior and athletic thighs were pleasingly highlighted by the dark leggings she wore, which melded perfectly to the various nooks and crannies of her lower body and midsection.

Killings’ latest Instagram post made a clear impression on the platform, having racked up almost 10,000 double-taps in a little over an hour.

As reported earlier in the week by The Inquisitr, the model also flaunted her cleavage in an update that showed her sporting an iridescent strapless bikini.