WWE Rumors: Officials Reportedly Considering The Return Of Highly Controversial Superstar, Per 'Ringside News'

WWE has a draft scheduled for later this month, and one superstar who could participate in it is Lars Sullivan. According to Ringside News, the controversial performer's name has been brought up several times at recent creative meetings.

The superstar has been out of action since last year due to a knee injury. However, he was also embroiled in scandals after he was accused of making racist and homophobic posts on internet forums. He also criticized some other wrestlers, some of whom are his colleagues nowadays. He was fined $100,000 as a result.

Sullivan reportedly apologized to his colleagues and their families after his posts resurfaced. He told them that he was trolling on the internet and didn't genuinely believe the sentiments he expressed when he posted the insensitive comments. However, that didn't mark the end of his bad press coverage.

It was later revealed that Sullivan had also starred in adult films prior to joining WWE. While he was injured at the time of the reports, the revelation caused him to go silent on social media for the better part of a year.

According to Ringside News, the videos haven't been discussed backstage. This could suggest that it's water under the bridge and officials aren't too concerned about his past involvement in the adult entertainment industry.

However, the super heavyweight reportedly upset some members of management for other reasons. As the Ringside News report highlighted, he experienced panic attacks that required him to take time off. They also just so happened to coincide with him receiving a push that could have led to a WrestleMania match against John Cena.

Lars Sullivan screams at fallen opponent

A source close to the outlet said that officials are worried about pushing the superstar because he "freaked out and ran home." He is viewed as unreliable as a result. If he does return, it's possible that he won't receive the same opportunities he did in the past.

Sullivan resurfaced on social media earlier this year and shared some workout videos and photos. The Friday Night SmackDown star appeared to be gearing up for a return, and the footage indicated that he'd recovered from his health issues.

Sullivan's updates were generally welcomed by wrestling fans too, possibly suggesting that his previous scandals have been forgiven by the WWE Universe.

Triple H was tight-lipped when he was recently asked about the possibility of Sullivan making a return soon. This led some fans and pundits to speculate that the performer was an afterthought in the eyes of management.