‘Dodgeball’ Long Awaited Sequel In The Works

Dodgeball fans can finally rejoice at the news that the uber-popular comedy is finally getting a sequel. Even better news is that Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn have both been confirmed as returning.

While both stars have been busy over the last few months, it appears that they can dodge a wrench but they can’t dodge reprising their old roles one more time. Between news of Anchorman getting a sequel, Stiler rejoining the cast of Arrested Development and Vaughn teaming up with Owen Wilson again it seems like everything old is new again.

Dodgeball‘s sequel appears to be taking a slightly different route than the original film as Vaughn and Stiller’s characters are apparently going to be teaming up this time. While there isn’t any confirmation on what the reason for the teamup of sworn enemies might be, the whispers say the duo will face off against a bigger threat.

The production company that is helmed by Stiller and Stuart Cornfeld have apparently tapped Clay Tarver to write the sequel to the comedy classic. The movie was put together with a pretty small budget of just $20 million but it managed to take in about $114 million domestically and $167 million world wide.

Carver has spent much of his writing career in the comedy genre, though he does have one big budget movie on his resume. That movie was the J.J. Abrams directed Joy Ride which doesn’t really seem to fit all that well with the goofy antics of what this film will likely end up featuring.

While Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller were certainly the stars of the first film, part of what made that flick such a great one was the supporting cast. One has to wonder whether actors like Alan Tudyk and Justin Long would be willing and able to come back.

Are you excited for a Dodgeball sequel?

[Image by Vinicius Tupinamba / Shutterstock.com]