‘The Masked Singer’ Spoilers: Could Seahorse Be Bebe Rexha?

Recording artist Bebe Rexha performs.
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

After introducing viewers to five more contestants last night on The Masked Singer, lots of fans are wondering who is underneath the Seahorse costume after making a huge impression on the panelists — Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, and Ken Jeong.

For their debut performance, they sang a crowd-pleaser, Rihanna’s hugely popular single “Only Girl (In the World).” It was obvious from the start that they are a female with an incredible voice. Not only did they have a lot of energy, but they also had stage presence, making it clear from the beginning that entertaining must be something they do for a living.

For their first clue package, Seahorse wore a cowboy hat and boots throughout. They stood by a sign that read “OK coral” and had a country-western accent. Seahorse was seen sipping on tea while sitting by a campfire with a frog, two poodles, and a dove. They said that being on The Masked Singer gives them the chance to stop playing tug of war with themselves and “finally expose the dauntless diva from within.” At the end, they rode on a carriage with two dolphins leading the way in the middle of the desert.

McCarthy noticed the frog that was multicolored and associated it with chart-topping songstress Halsey as she has a large LGBTQ+ fan base. She also noted that she has a song called “Angel On Fire,” which linked to one of the phrases Seahorse said.

Scherzinger predicted it might be actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld for being an Oscar-nominated celebrity this season.

Thicke went with Bebe Rexha due to her having recent success on the country charts.

Fans on social media are also confident that Seahorse is an established female vocalist and agree with Thicke’s choice.

“Siding with Robin Thicke on #SeahorseMask – it’s Bebe Rexha! #TheMaskedSinger,” one user tweeted.

“I agree with @robinthicke. The seahorse does sound kinda like Bebe Rexha. #TheMaskedSinger,” another person shared on Twitter.

“I love the Bebe Rexha guess so much. #TheMaskedSinger,” remarked a third account in a tweet.

As seen in a recent Instagram post, which you can view here, Rexha has a fluffy dog named Bear, which could link to the dogs at the campfire. The ongoing country theme could be a reference to her hit single with Florida Georgia Line, “Meant to Be.” In the music video, which can be watched on YouTube, there are scenes where Rexha is in the middle of a desert location.

Seahorse currently remains in the competition, meaning viewers will have to continue watching to find out if Rexha is underneath the costume.

Last night, Gremlin quit the show in a surprise exit, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.