‘Big Brother 22’ Week 8: Houseguests And Fans Disappointed In Production Giving Away Triple Eviction

Memphis Garrett wins the HOH

Warning: This article reveals some conversations from the Big Brother live feeds that have not made it to air on CBS.

An unprecedented triple eviction is on the way in the Big Brother house, with less than 24 hours left before the remaining players are given the official news from host Julie Chen. The twist might not come as much of a surprise to the remaining players, as multiple evictions were teased by Dr. Will Kirby. The former BB winner has been a part of the Neighbor Week twist, where he dropped in from time to time to give the houseguests some small hints about gameplay.

He revealed the players needed to be thinking not two, but three steps ahead, which immediately made the competitors suspect a double or triple eviction. Most of the housemates felt one vote would happen Tuesday or Wednesday, with two following Thursday. Now that that’s out the door, they are assuming the worst is coming Thursday evening.

Fans and readers of spoilers have been livid about this hint, as it preps the houseguests for what’s to come, instead of letting them figure it out last minute and make impulsive decisions.

Viewers of the live feeds have been expressing their frustration on Twitter, but they aren’t the only ones upset. Memphis Garrett expressed to Christmas Abbott that he was annoyed at the reveal, according to a post from Big Brother Daily‘s Twitter.

Memphis Garrett sits in the Big Brother house

“If nothing happens [tomorrow] and they do a double on Thursday, why would they even hint to it? What’s the f*cking point? You ruin the surprise,” he said.

Christmas agreed. She felt a trio of evictions was silly and that producers would never throw it in any way.

“It would be dumb cause you milk a whole week,” she said.

“There would be no drama with that, or gameplay,” Memphis added.

Live feed viewers began commenting on Twitter, agreeing with Memphis, which is shocking given he’s one of the big villains this season and is disliked by many.

Memphis kept noting the hint was a mistake and ruined the game.

“I don’t understand why they would tell us. My biggest thing is why even say anything?”

Christmas also noted the message from Dr. Will was a little too obvious, and now the houseguests have been given extra time to prepare their strategies. This, unfortunately, takes away the beauty of multiple removals, and this season’s triple had fans finally amped up after dealing with a summer they found more than lackluster.

The official reveal will come Thursday evening, and the housemates’ shock or lack thereof should be evident on their faces.