Who Is Katya Elise Henry? Miami Heat Star Tyler Herro’s Girlfriend Is An Instagram Model With Huge Following

Tyler Herro in an NBA game.
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Katya Elise Henry is Miami Heat star Tyler Herro’s girlfriend, and the Instagram model has a fan base that can rival her famous man.

Henry is grabbing some spotlight as Herro and his team advance to the NBA Finals — an unlikely run that has been the talk of the league’s Orlando bubble. While the coronavirus restrictions could cut back on the on-air glimpses of player wives and girlfriends that fans are used to seeing every year during the championship series, there is still plenty to see from Henry across social media.

Henry Has A Huge Following Online

Even before she was connected to the Heat rookie, Henry had amassed a massive following online, thanks to her racy pictures. She boasts close to 8 million followers on Instagram, helping her gain attention for the revealing photos and videos she frequently shares with fans.

She gained a large fanbase, thanks in large part to her health and fitness posts. She shares vegan fitness tips with her followers and has become something of an ambassador for plant-based diets. In a 2018 interview with Vegan Magazine, Henry explained that she has found both health and happiness since adopting the lifestyle.

“Since switching to a plant-based diet, I have gained muscle mass and am living my beliefs that we should be living in harmony with animals, rather than at their expense,” she shared. “It’s been uplifting to take real action in a way that could make a difference in relation to animal welfare. It’s been almost 2 years now and I really don’t see myself going back to my old lifestyle.”

She also regularly uses her social media presence to pitch health and fitness products and show off the fruits of her labor in the form of racy pictures in bikinis and other skimpy outfits.

The Couple Went Public Earlier This Year

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The Spun reported that the NBA rookie was first connected to the Miami-based model earlier in the summer, when she took to Instagram to share a photo of herself planting a kiss on her man while they lounged on a yacht.

The relationship captured quite a bit of attention, as there was a dearth of stories to report on during the long hiatus brought on by the coronavirus. As The Sun reported, it was during that time that the two appeared to first connect.

As the report noted, Herro sent a tweet to Henry asking “wyd” — which means “what you doing” — just days after the league shut down in March after a series of positive coronavirus cases. Henry quickly replied “quarantine n chill?” and the romance appeared to grow from there.

Much of it played out on social media. According to The Sun, Herro and Henry appeared together in pictures and TikTok videos. The romance has continued as the Heat moved to Orlando for the league’s tightly restricted end to the regular season and start of the playoffs, where Herro’s strong play has helped bring his team to the doorstep of an NBA title.