Nicole Scherzinger Enjoys ‘Front Row Seat’ To Gorgeous Sunset In Cozy Cute Fall Look

Nicole Scherzinger
Rich Fury / Getty Images

Nicole Scherzinger shared a beautiful, colorful photo of the sunset while on vacation on Tuesday, enjoying the scene in an adorable autumnal outfit.

The pop star sat on large rocks on what appeared to be a lake, as the placid body of water reflected the view above.

The obvious show-stopper of the upload was the breathtaking landscape, with tall mountains, rustic trees and other greenery, and, of course, an expansive lake. The sunset boasted a multitude of colors, with blue, pink, orange, and yellow weaving together like watercolor paint strokes.

Nicole looked comfortable and fashionable in a monochromatic style, sporting a large light-colored hoodie that fell around her hips as she sat on the rocks. She had on what appeared to be beige leggings underneath and wore darker-colored hiking boots that came up to her ankles. She topped the look off with a matching beanie.

For the first shot, the Masked Singer panelist hugged her knees into her chest and showed off the left side profile of her face with a sweet grin. In the second photo, which was zoomed closer up, Nicole sat cross-legged and dangled her hands over her knees, turning toward the mountains to take in the views.

The singer gloated that she had a good view of “one of the greatest shows on earth,” reveling in the gorgeous sunset. According to the geotag, the photos were taken at Mammoth Mountain in California.

Fans also went wild for the picturesque post, with more than 57,000 likes and over 300 comments on the upload. After sharing it with her 4.5 million followers, people flooded the comments section and showed some love for the image, noting how “amazing” the views were and leaving numerous heart-eyes emoji.

“Wow. That’s everything,” one user wrote.

“Your voice and soul comes from whatever place sunsets are born,” raved another follower, praising Nicole’s vocal talents.

“The mountains. My kinda heaven,” shared one admirer, loving the majestic topography in the background.

“[Y]our outfit looks so cute[,] literally the cutest lil bean,” a fan commented, showing their appreciation for the dancer’s look.

Nicole has definitely been soaking up all the wonders of nature lately, sharing multiple scenic shots with her followers over the past few days. As The Inquisitr recently reported, Nicole posed with her boyfriend, Thom Evans, at Yosemite National Park on Tuesday, baring her toned midriff in a blue workout outfit. That image also featured an epic mountain scene, as Nicole urged fans to “never stop exploring” and keep seeking adventures.