Bri Teresi Lets Denim Bustier Fall Around Her Hips In Racy Topless Update

Bri Teresi strikes a pose for a Guess event.
Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images

Instagram model Bri Teresi took to her social media page on Wednesday afternoon with a smoldering pair of images that got pulses racing. The buxom blonde’s 1 million followers were thrilled by the post, in which she flaunted her nearly-naked appearance and a coquettish attitude. Almost 2,000 supporters hit the “like” button in the first half-hour after it went live.

Bri stood facing the camera to display her ample assets. She was captured in a three-quarter portrait, which highlighted everything between her striking facial features and the middle of her shapely thighs. She wore a pair of insanely skimpy denim bottoms that left little to the imagination and had unlaced her matching top and let it drape around her hips.

Her bust was almost completely exposed, with the exception of her right arm, which she demurely crossed over the middle of her chest. Her forearm pressed against the center of one breast, creating a perfectly round swell of flesh above and below. She cupped the top of the other breast with her outstretched fingers. She also showed off her tan lines.

She flung her other elbow out to the side and rested her left hand against the back of her head, in a pose reminiscent of a pin-up style.

Bri credited some of the team who helped bring the images to fruition in the accompanying caption. Los Angeles-based photographer Jentrie Bentley, with whom she seems to work with regularly, took the shots. She also thanked stylist Jonathan Antin for her new haircut and suggested he inspired her to go with the new style.

Her denim ensemble featured a dark-washed fabric. The shorts were cut high on either side of her hips and had frayed edges that grazed the upper portion of her thighs.

The top was strapless and would have laced together in the center of Bri’s cleavage — had it not been loosened and fallen seductively around her waist.

Bri geotagged her location in posh Malibu, California. Her incredible figure encompassed most of the picture frame, but a bit of the rustic outdoor background could be seen. She posed in front of what appeared to be the bottom of a stair railing, which was constructed from a weathered wood that had once been painted dark brown. The vertical post next to Bri and the diagonal pieces jutting upward on her right were both in clear focus. A swath of small green leaves and a few bare branches composed the blurred scene behind her.