Alexa Collins Displays Stunning Cleavage Wearing Revealing Crop Top In Latest Update

Alexa Collins snaps a selfie.
Alexa Collins / Instagram

Alexa Collins rocked a casual, sexy look for her 1.1 million Instagram followers on Wednesday, helping them get through the midweek slump. The Florida-based bikini model looked incredible in a revealing ensemble that also kept her comfortable as she appeared to be out running errands. Over 5,500 fans hit the like button in the first hour after the pair of snaps were uploaded.

Alexa wore a tan-colored crop top with a ribbed texture that widened across the swell of her bust. A band around the bottom encircled her ribcage just below her breasts, leaving her bare midriff on display. Her cleavage was also enticingly visible, framed by the garment’s low, V-shaped neckline. She did not appear to be wearing anything beneath the top.

The upper strap of the halter design rested around the back of her neck, and the lower section encircled her slender torso with material just a little thicker than a bra strap, allowing her platinum tresses to spill over the naked skin of her upper back.

Alexa paired the skimpy shirt with a pair of stylish cotton joggers. They were a neutral cream shade with deep blue batik dotting the fabric. She tagged the clothing brand PrettyLittleThing in the caption and mentioned that the cozy attire delighted her.

The sweats had a high drawstring waist with a thick cord tied in a bow at the center and slim-cut legs which were gathered around her ankles with banded elastic. In both images, Alexa slid her fingers into the pockets, draping both thumbs on the outside.

She finished off the outfit with short socks and a pair of chunky white sneakers.

Alexa glamorized the look with a pale pink leather bag. The long strap was slung over one shoulder, crossing between her curvaceous breasts, and the accessory lay against the side of her hip. It had a square shape with rounded edges and was embellished across the face with geometric, striped stitching. A matching decorative tassel almost the size of the purse dangled from one side.

She wore a watch on her left wrist. The timepiece had a thick metal band and a white face. The impromptu photo shoot appeared to occur at about 6:30 p.m.

Alexa posed in a public parking lot for the two photos. In the first, she leaned against a shiny black Mercedes-Benz covered in tiny droplets of water. The asphalt below was dry, indicating that the vehicle may have just been washed.