WWE Rumors: Superstar Reportedly Set To Debut During Next Draft

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According to Ringside News, WWE officials are considering debuting Chelsea Green on the main roster during next month’s draft.

Green hasn’t been on television since she was written off NXT earlier this year. It is believed that she’s been biding her time while the company comes up with a creative idea for her.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there has been speculation that Green will be unveiled as one of the Retribution members. However, since the group’s five members have been confirmed on recent episodes of Monday Night Raw, there could be other plans in place for the superstar.

Green has supposedly participated as a member of the masked faction on WWE television since they burst onto the scene. However, some of the wrestlers who have donned the masks were used to make up numbers on the night. Some of them reportedly won’t be a part of the group when everyone involved is confirmed once and for all.

Some fans and pundits have also speculated that she could be the Friday Night SmackDown mystery woman. However, recent episodes of the blue brand’s weekly show have established that the candidate is a blond competitor who resembles Carmella.

The Inquisitr article also pointed out that officials might not know what to do with Green yet. Her debut was reportedly delayed due to some changes behind the scenes, and her current status is unknown as a result.

Chelsea Green appears on WWE television

Green recently revealed that she’d recovered from the coronavirus. While she didn’t say how long she’d fought the disease for, her recovery period may have disrupted her long-gestating debut. The positive cases have forced the creative team to make some last-minute changes to recent shows.

Most drafts feature NXT talents appearing on the main roster for the first time. The event is arguably the perfect opportunity to introduce the superstar, as many fans will tune in hoping for some big surprises.

However, the Ringside News article pointed out that nothing is certain yet. While Green is supposedly being considered for the event, officials might have other performers from the black-and-gold brand in mind as well.

Green was a popular performer in NXT and she will undoubtedly add more depth to the women’s division. The female rosters on both shows have been depleted this year as a result of superstars taking time off due to injuries and the pandemic. Fresh faces will certainly be welcomed by the audience who want to see new stars being made.