Cosplay Model Alyson Tabbitha Amazes Fans With Poison Ivy Transformation

Alyson channeled actress Uma Thurman's take on the villainess in a new video.

Alyson Tabbitha takes a selfie.
Alyson Tabbitha / Instagram

Alyson channeled actress Uma Thurman's take on the villainess in a new video.

Cosplay model Alyson Tabbitha transformed into one of the prettiest members of Batman’s rogues gallery, Poison Ivy, in a new video. On Tuesday, the talented artist took to Instagram to unveil her take on Uma Thurman’s big screen version of the villainess.

To become the Batman & Robin baddie, Alyson rocked a skintight, green bodysuit with a slight sheen to it. The garment’s appearance was enhanced by its ombré design — it was a much lighter shade on the chest and shoulders than the arms and midsection.

The model also wore a pair of tight pants, high-heeled boots, and gloves in a dark, forest green hue. The fingertips of the gloves had been painted bright red.

Alyson’s accessories included a wide belt with a large poison ivy leaf decoration. It matched the leafy shape of her eyebrow adornments, which attached to her skin above her eyes and was a shimmery gold color.

She completed her look with a vivid red wig. The long hair was curled and styled half-up in two cone-shaped buns.

Alyson was filmed slowly strolling through vines of leaves and flowers hanging from the ceiling. A purple backdrop really made the colors of her costume pop. As she walked, sultry saxophone music played. She seductively gazed into the camera’s lens before running her hands over her hips and teasingly playing with her hair. She gave her viewers a final flirtatious look over her shoulder as she turned to walk away.

Alyson’s post also included a collage of 12 images that showed her makeup process. She was fresh-faced in the first snapshot, so her fans could see just how much of a transformation she underwent from start to finish.

In the caption of her post, Alyson shared one of Uma’s quotes from the 1997 movie starring George Clooney as the Dark Knight. The model also encouraged fans to check out her makeup tutorial on YouTube, which can be viewed here, in which she shared all the details on how she achieved her look, including how she made the character’s eyebrow pieces. She also revealed which products she used to recreate the villainess’s dramatic eye shadow.

Alyson’s Instagram followers were wowed by the end results of her efforts.

“She was always my favorite. You really embody her perfectly,” wrote one admirer in the comments section.

“Crushing it! Your cosplay is so true to Uma Thurman’s Ivy it’s awesome and unreal,” another remark read.

“You are an actual shape shifter WOW,” a third fan chimed in.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Alyson portrayed a shape-shifter in another recent video. She showed her fans how she created a costume inspired by the chameleon-like X-Men character Mystique without covering her body with blue paint.