'The Bachelorette' Stars Hannah Brown & Tyler Cameron Get Together In California To 'Catch Up And Kick Back'

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron didn't end up together at the end of her journey as The Bachelorette, but it seems like they've remained on very good terms. The two were spotted together in California this week, and now a supposed insider is breaking down what the reunion meant.

According to Us Weekly, Tyler has been doing quite a bit of traveling lately and he is in California for a handful of commitments. He just launched a YouTube channel and was briefly in New Mexico prior to heading to Los Angeles.

"They're really good friends and are always in touch. So it just seemed like the natural thing to do. They hadn't seen each other face-to-face in a while, so it was nice to catch up and kick back," a source explained to the outlet.

Apparently, Tyler plans to reconnect with some other people from The Bachelor franchise while in the area as well. However, being spotted quietly hanging out with Hannah was the meetup that generated a significant amount of buzz among followers of the franchise.

"[T]he attention always shifts to Hannah specifically because of their past," the source noted.

Fans likely noticed that neither Hannah nor Tyler shared any highlights of this hang via their Instagram pages. Both tend to be quite open about sharing their day-to-day antics with their millions of followers, especially when their activities include others from the franchise. However, they apparently tried to keep their get together on the down-low.

Tyler Cameron attends the Todd Snyder show
Getty Images | Dominik Bindl

As the publication reported, Hannah, Tyler, and his buddy Jacob "Brown Bear" Laham met up on Monday in Los Angeles. The trio was spotted sitting at an outdoor table of a restaurant and a photo spread like wildfire among fan groups of The Bachelor.

Those who followed Tyler and Hannah last spring during the "Quarantine Crew" days are already familiar with Brown Bear. The filmmaker and photographer was behind the camera for many of the group's social media posts last spring, and it seems he's currently traveling with Tyler.

Hannah lives full-time in Los Angeles now and she's embracing the opportunity to become a full-fledged California girl. Tyler moved to New York City after doing The Bachelorette, but he returned to Florida when his mother suddenly passed away last spring. Many thought that Tyler would remain based in Florida for the foreseeable future, although now he seems to be bouncing around a bit at the moment.

"Tannah" fans have always held onto a little bit of hope that Tyler and Hannah might eventually end up together, and this reconnection sparked a fresh round of speculation. It does seem that this reunion was a friendly one, rather than something romantic. However, The Bachelorette fans will be keeping their eyes peeled to see if anything more seems to come of this.