Jana Duggar Is Stunning As She Sips A Latte In An Up-Close IG Share

The cast of tlc's counting on.

Jana Duggar was stunning as she sipped a latte in an up-close Instagram share. The photograph, taken in honor of National Coffee Day, was shared with her 735,000 followers, who enjoyed the fact that their favorite reality television star also enjoyed a favorite drink flavor that is popular during fall.

Jana used the hashtag “#pumpkinspicelatte” in the caption as she enjoyed what appeared to be a hot beverage from Starbucks. The hot beverage is listed as one of her favorite things in the bio section of her Instagram page, as seen here.

The Counting On celebrity took a selfie as she stood in what appeared to be the greenhouse her family built on the property of the Duggar home. This was seen in the latest episode of the TLC series when the clan gifted the eldest daughter with the structure so she could enjoy her passion for gardening all year long. She recently posted that she was able to harvest two pineapple plants that were grown, as reported by The Inquisitr.

She rocked a tan cable-knit sweater in the share. In her right hand, she held the beverage. She had a wide-eyed look of enjoyment on her face.

Jana’s tresses were blown out straight. They were parted on the right side and fell over her left eye.

Beyond her, an assortment of green potted plants was visible on the floor. Black bars that helped form the body of the greenhouse were also seen. A ball of twine was placed next to the plants.

On September 23, Jana welcomed the first day of fall with an Instagram share seen here. It was tagged as being shot in Tontitown, Arkansas, where the majority of the Duggar clan still reside within the family’s large home. She was seen holding a cup of joe in a dark orange mug in the shot.

Fans of the reality television star agreed that the hot drink makes everything better.

“Yay! Happy national coffee day!! What is your go-to coffee?” queried one follower.

Jana shared that she normally enjoys a medium roast, with a little sugar and half-and-half. Yet, when she orders a specialty drink, she will purchase a White Mocha or Pumpkin Spice Latte.

“I was wondering why I drank so much today… now I know why! Subconsciously I knew!” joked a second fan.

“Pumpkin spice for the win, yay!” cheered a third social media user in the comments section of the post.

“I’ve never met a cup of java I didn’t like,” posted a fourth fan.