Vicky Aisha Looks Like A Total Smokeshow In Sexy Black Corset For Latest Update

Vicky Aisha clicks a selfie.
Vicky Aisha / Instagram

Australian aerialist and tattoo model Vicky Aisha went into full bombshell mode for Tuesday’s Instagram update, cramming her buxom curves into a formfitting corset that emphasized her perfect hourglass shape.

The outfit included solid, black cups that left an eyeful of cleavage on display and matching high-cut bottoms, both of which were balanced out by a sheer mesh bodice.

The sizzling blonde posed against a hot pink backdrop decorated with a glimmering fringed curtain, though even the glittery props couldn’t distract attention from her voluptuous figure.

Vicky’s corset sported two sets of thick busks that were spaced wide apart, accentuating her waist. Only the sides were see-through, teasing the model’s midriff and giving fans a peek at the narrow side straps of her bottoms, which were pulled high on her body. Meanwhile, the front was made of a glossy, satin-like fabric decorated with silver hook-and-eye closures. The garment was further adorned with a small, strappy panel connecting the underwire cups. Another strap appeared to wrap around her midsection and was visible underneath the gauzy top.

The outfit boasted a sexy push-up effect that ensured all eyes were on her shapely chest. At the same time, the look bared her ample hips, putting all of her sensuous curves on show. The low-cut neckline flashed a tantalizing glimpse of Vicky’s underboob tattoo. Her sleeve tats were also on display, as was the ink on her hip.

The 28-year-old rocked a playful hairstyle that added a coy vibe to her seductive appearance. She wore her long, golden tresses in a pair of low pigtails, managing to look both sultry and demure. The stunner kept her accessories simple, sporting a collection of small hoop earrings in addition to her customary nose ring.

Vicky shared two half-body shots of the hot look, asking fans to choose their favorite in her caption. The bombshell was snapped up close in the first pic, coquettishly tugging on her hair as she tilted her head and fixed the lens with a smoldering gaze.

The following snap captured a better view of her sinuous silhouette and saw the smokeshow pulling at her pigtails with both hands while sporting a sexy smirk.

The double update stirred a lot of excitement among Vicky’s online admirers, reeling in more than 23,300 likes overnight. Followers also left 370-plus comments on her photos wherein they gushed over her beauty and provocative appearance.

“You are what dreams are made out of atleast [sic] my dreams,” wrote one person, who indicated their preference for the first picture.

“I choose #1 because its [sic] closer view of those eyes,” agreed a second Instagrammer.

“OH MY GOD! You are stunning! Absolutely beautiful!” chimed in another smitten fan, leaving a trail of flattering emoji.

“You could be in a bathrobe and slippers and still [be] sexy af,” commented a fourth devotee.