KingFace Dead: MAGA Rapper And Social Media Star Larry Henry Dies After Extended Illness

A selfie from rapper Kingface.
Kingface / Instagram

KingFace, the rapper and social media star whose real name was Larry Henry, has reportedly died at age 38.

Friends confirmed the rapper’s passing on Tuesday, which came after a long battle with a reported kidney infection that had left him hospitalized and fighting for his life.

KingFace Had Been In Failing Health Leading Up To His Death

His death was announced on Tuesday by friend Rob Smith, who took to Facebook to share the tragic news. Fellow conservative social media star Bryson Gray also shared condolences on Twitter, saying that KingFace did much to move the conservative rap movement forward.

“RIP TO KINGFACE. One of the realest people I’ve ever met,” he wrote. “He was the first person in the MAGA movement to post my music on Instagram. His video is the reason I bought the ‘Big MAGA hat’. He was the first person to let me perform with him during blexit. RIP.”

A GoFundMe page set up to support KingFace had gained more than $80,000, with many fans leaving supporting messages and wishes for a recovery. The note accompanying the fundraiser said that he had been taken to the hospital on July 1, and that his sudden decline came as a shock to family members.

“His illness and today’s current pandemic gave his family no time to regroup, or even deal with the realities of what extended hospitalization does to you or your family financially, mentally, and physically!” the message read.

It went on to say that although KingFace was sidelined by the medical emergency, his message was still reaching fans. It noted that he came from a troubled background, but overcame his past and encouraged others to do the same, even starting an outreach effort that provided mentorship and skills to urban youth.

Friends said KingFace spent the last several weeks of his life in health crisis. Gray took to Twitter on August 26 to say that his friend had been in a coma since July.

KingFace Gained Fame For His Support Of Donald Trump

The rapper was seen as a rising star within conservative circles, known for his vocal support of the president and penchant for wearing the Republican’s re-election gear, including the red “Make America Great Again” hat.

He has a growing social media following, with more than 180,000 followers on Instagram. His rise came in part thanks to connections to other prominent Black conservatives, including Candace Owens. One of the final posts to KingFace’s Instagram page was a video of his appearance on her talk show, in which he talked about his work on a movement Owens started called “blexit,” which encouraged African Americans and other minorities to abandon the Democratic Party and become conservatives.

Henry was even able to visit the White House, as he shared a picture first posted by first lady Melania Trump showing the president extending his hand for a handshake at an event last year. He shared another picture showing him shaking hands with Donald Trump Jr. at an event, referring to him as “the future president of the United States.”