Abby Dowse Goes Braless And Flashes Flat Tummy In A Tiny Tank Top & Panties: 'What A Mood'

Abby Dowse knows how to keep her fans coming back for more. The Aussie hottie frequently showcases her phenomenal figure in scanty ensembles on Instagram, and her latest look was definitely not one to miss.

The most recent addition to Abby's feed saw her standing in her bedroom, which was filled with white furniture and decor. She posed next to her bed for the shot, resting her hand on top of the mattress as she pushed her hips out to the side to further emphasize her dangerous curves. The camera was focused mostly on her midsection, effectively cutting her face out of the frame aside from her plump, glossy lips that parted in a sensual and alluring manner.

Abby likely got pulses racing as she worked the lens in yet another revealing outfit that did nothing but favors for her flawless physique. She sported a tiny white tank top from Fashion Nova that fit snugly over her voluptuous assets, where the image of a devil holding a pitchfork was printed in the middle of her chest. The piece featured a scoop neckline and thick straps that were outlined in a bright red trim, drawing eyes to her toned arms and shoulders. Its cropped length offered a peek at her flat tummy and abs. The model also appeared to be going braless underneath the garment, giving the snap even more of a seductive vibe.

Abby veered toward the opposite side of the emotional spectrum with the lower half of her look, which was a pair of cheeky, boy short-style panties covered in pink and red lipstick kisses. The lingerie boasted a daringly short length that offered a look at her toned thighs, while its form-fitting nature showcased her curvy hips. It also featured a thick waistband with the word "love" printed on it in bold, black lettering that sat high up on her hips, further highlighting her trim waist and hourglass silhouette.

The model accessorized with a set of dainty necklaces, one of which had a heart pendant. She also wore a pair of oversized hoop earrings that just barely peeked out from underneath her platinum locks as they spilled messily around her face and down her shoulders.

Many fans showed some love for Abby's new Instagram post, with hundreds flocking to the comments section to leave a compliment for the social media star.

"Wow. You're absolutely stunning," one person wrote.

"You are a work of art," praised another fan.

"You would brighten up anyone's day," a third follower remarked.

"You're so gorgeous!!! You have great style!" gushed a fourth admirer.

The upload has also racked up nearly 18,000 likes within eight hours of going live.