‘Big Brother 22’ Week 8 Spoilers: Veto Meeting Results Revealed

The cast of Big Brother 22 on eviction night

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Big Brother: All-Stars.

Week 8 in the Big Brother house is almost complete, with Thursday’s live eviction the only thing left to play out. Sunday night’s episode revealed Cody Calafiore as the eighth Head of Household (HOH) this season, and he subsequently put David Alexander and Kevin Campbell on the block. The nominees were not a surprise, as the two men are the outliers and not affiliated with or in The Committee.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Cody also won the Power of Veto (POV), putting him in total control of his HOH week. The Veto meeting played out Monday afternoon where Cody made the decision regarding whether or not to backdoor someone. He ultimately decided to play it safe and did not change his nominations, according to Big Brother Daily on Twitter. This was also not a shock, as Cody didn’t even entertain the idea of backdooring one of his Committee members.

Unbeknownst to him and his sidekicks, this Thursday will feature an unprecedented triple eviction, almost certainly sending home one of The Committee members. The only way the six can remain unscathed is if David, Kevin, and Enzo Palumbo are all evicted Thursday night, leaving the alliance intact.

Cody Calafiore at the Veto meeting

After the Veto meeting, there was still some discussion on who to send home. Kevin is the true target and most of the group is going along with Cody’s wishes to send him out the door. Some of the houseguests feel David is good to bring closer to the end, as he has been more of a floater and likely won’t be given votes to win from the jury. A majority of the house is also disappointed with David for going for the cash prize that was offered in the POV, which disqualified him from being able to win the Veto. He walked away $10,000 richer, but at the cost of some disdain from the other players.

Dani Briones is one of the remaining houseguests who thinks David should be voted out and she has some support from Nicole Franzel. Dani doesn’t want to go against her friends but said she might try getting the house to flip so they will all send David packing. Most of the dominating alliance is only on board to evict Kevin, however. The triple eviction will likely see David leaving as well, as the players are likely to panic at the last minute and put him up as a safety precaution.