Holly Sonders Shows Cleavage In Low-Cut Top While Talking About Her Breakup In Latest Update

Holly Sonders competes in the Humana Challenge golf event
Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

Fox Sports host Holly Sonders flaunted her curves in an Instagram video post where she opened up about her relationship difficulties. In the clip, she was filmed wearing a skintight T-shirt that embellished her killer assets.

The 33-year-old is famously dating professional sports gambler “Vegas Dave” Oancea, and in this upload she revealed that the two had broken up earlier in the year. She looked stunning as she sat in front of a plush red sofa and a charcoal-colored wall that had a chic piece of art hanging on it.

Sonders had her long auburn hair in curls that draped over her shoulders. The well-known golfer rocked a white tank top with a plunging neckline that had the Mountain Dew logo across the front. She sported a pair of camouflage pants, and accessorized with a gold chain-link necklace and a bracelet on her right wrist. Fans were treated to an eyeful of her generous bust in the tight-fitting shirt that hugged her chest.

At the beginning of the video, the Michigan State University product spoke about the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak, and how she and her boyfriend had only been together a few months. Sonders said the pair decided to head to Mexico. This eventually caused a strain on their relationship because of the strict restrictions that were put in place.

“I was forced to cook, which again I’m not super like domesticated…we started annoying each other a lot,” Sonders said.

The television personality revealed that the couple broke up in April. Her boyfriend took that time to stay with his parents. The two then reconciled and had a nighttime photo shoot on the Las Vegas Strip. Sonders joked that there are gambling odds on when the two would break up.

For the caption, Sonders mentioned that she and Oancea took a break and said lockdown put a strain on everyone’s relationships. The model asked followers to share how quarantine had affected their love lives.

Many of Sonders’ 478,000 Instagram followers took notice of the vid, and nearly 1,700 made their way to the like button in just over four hours after it was posted. She received more than 130 comments in that time, as fans filled the replies with supportive remarks.

“Love your honesty! Keep being fabulous!” one fan wrote.

“You guys are so strong, it’s really tough to open up about issues but you confidence/resilience is inspirational!” another added.

“With my guy 24/7 and we never fight,” model Toochi Kash replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week Vegas Dave posted a sizzling photo with Sonders where she wore a white bikini top.