Hunter McGrady Stuns Fans With Transition Video That Required ‘Relentless Underboob Sweat’

Hunter shared her take on the 'shoe flip' transition trend.

Hunter McGrady attends the 2019 Miss Universe Pageant
Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Hunter shared her take on the 'shoe flip' transition trend.

Sports Illustrated‘s curviest model Hunter McGrady went from casual to glam in a split second in a transition video that amazed her fans. She shared her incredible creation with her Instagram followers on Monday, and she also uploaded the video on her TikTok account.

In the caption of her post, Hunter, 27, explained that she decided to take on a viral TikTok challenge that she hasn’t seen any plus-sized models try. The social media trend is often referred to as the “shoe flip transition.” Hunter discovered that mastering it is no easy task, revealing that it took a lot of time, effort, outfit changes, and “underboob sweat” to nail the challenge.

At the beginning of her clip, Hunter sat in a swivel chair. She was dressed in a casual ensemble that included a red Def Leppard tour T-shirt with yellow graphics. The shirt was faded and distressed, giving it a vintage look. The swimsuit model also wore a pair of charcoal gray spandex leggings. Her blond hair was pulled up in a high loose bun.

Hunter yawned and rubbed one eye, making it look as though she had just woken up. She held a single shiny black knee-high boot in one hand. She lifted one foot up and tossed the boot toward it.

The footage cut to a shot of Hunter with her body in the same position. However, the boot and its mate were now on her feet. She was also wearing a totally different outfit. She had on a pair of dark brown leggings crafted from crocodile-embossed faux leather. She also wore a skintight white top that made her ample bust the focal point of her look. Over it, she rocked a shiny black garment that cinched her waist in. It included harness-like straps that drew even more attention to her chest.

Hunter’s hair also underwent a major transformation. It was down and styled in a classic blowout. The model ran the fingers of one hand through her glossy tresses as she gave the camera a saucy look. She held a water bottle in her other hand, and she concluded her video by taking a drink from it.

Hunter’s followers made sure to let her know that they thought all of her effort was well worth the end result. Since it was initially uploaded, her post has amassed over 10,000 likes and 200 comments.

“WOAH!!!! Straight fire! Thank you for doing this for us plus/curvy/all the different adjectives women,” read one message from a fan.

“Girrrrrrl, that side eye look at the end though!” another commenter chimed in.

“You literally just give me life. I’m working on having your confidence,” a third admirer remarked.