Cindy Kimberly Shows Off Stunning Figure In Strapless Smocked Bikini

Model Cindy Kimberly helped her 6.4 million Instagram followers start their Mondays on a high note by posting two new smoking-hot bikini shots on her account.

The 21-year-old social media sensation showed off her sensational physique in an ivory two-piece that featured a distinctive design. The entire garment was smocked to create a soft textured look. The stretchy fabric also clung to Cindy's athletic figure. Her top was a strapless bandeau with small ruffle trim around its straight upper and lower edges. The same feminine frilly accent decorated the waist of her matching bottoms.

The other half of Cindy's swimsuit was a pair of briefs with a scooped front that called attention to her toned stomach. The sides curved up high over the swells of her hips to accentuate their curvy shape. The leg openings were also cut high, which elongated her stems while showing off more of her flawless skin. Her tan complexion made her bathing suit's brilliant white color really stand out. The on-trend bikini was from Revolve, and Cindy made sure to tag the online retailer in the caption of the post.

The model also rocked a gauzy white headscarf that featured a gold pattern. She wore it folded over and tied behind her neck. The covering hid the front of her silky dark hair from view, and most of the length of her locks flowed down her back. However, Cindy had plaited a small segment of hair into a tiny braid that hung down on the right side of her face.

Cindy's jewelry consisted of two gold stacked necklaces. One piece was a choker with tiny charms, and the other featured a cross-shaped pendant.

In her first photo, the model lay on her side on a patch of short grass near a sidewalk. She propped herself up with her right arm and rested the side of her head on her shoulder. Her eyes were closed and a small smile played on her lips, making her look content and relaxed. She posed in front of a few shrubs and a flowering tree with pale pink blossoms.

In the second photo, Cindy stood up and gazed down at the camera, which was positioned far below her. She reached up to touch her scarf as a breeze slightly lifted her hair. Her backdrop was a dark and cloudy sky.

In just two hours, Cindy's photos garnered upward of 275,000 likes. Her followers also left hundreds of appreciative messages in the comments section, along with declarations of love and marriage proposals.

"The thought of her beauty lives in my head rent free," wrote one admirer.

"I'll sell my aura for you," read a response to her caption.

"What's your ring size? Asking for a friend," a third fan said.