Attack Cockatoo Bullies Grown Man Behind Mom’s Back [Video]

Is that the face of a rampaging attack cockatoo? Look at that sweet thing. Butter wouldn’t melt in his beak … or would it?

A new viral video on YouTube might make you think twice about purchasing one of those cuddly white balls of cute known as a cockatoo. I don’t necessarily like to guess based on a video image, but I think the star of “Boo, attempt 475” is a species known variously as the Umbrella Cockatoo, U2, or White Cockatoo.

In Latin, the bird is Cacatua alba.

And, by any name, certain individuals of the species — and, indeed, of the entire Cacatua genus — are completely capable of putting the fear of an angry god into your average mortal.

Nowledge, the filmmaker and victim of the raging attack cockatoo, wrote: “Boo, who ate part of my brother’s ear, has not rid the taste from her system.”

I’m pretty sure that means he believes that the bird is coming back for more. The minute “Mom” leaves the room, the villain of the piece begins to move in on the man, sort of swaggering slowly and sinisterly in a way that has to be seen to be appreciated.

Mom eventually comes to the rescue, scolding not the bird but her son for being afraid of “a one pound bird! One pound.

Maybe so, but quite frankly, I think Nowledge is right. Boo is totally enjoying the look of terror in his eyes.

Birds in that size range have no problem mentally and psychologically dominating a mere human if they think they can get away with it. I don’t recommend white cockatoos to anyone who doesn’t have a very firm understanding of bird psychology.

They might look like teddy bears. But you might be better off cuddling a cobra if you didn’t know what you were doing.

Do you know a U2 that doubles as an attack cockatoo?

[U2, umbrella, or white cockatoo photo by The Chosen Rebel via Wikipedia Commons]