Devin Brugman Sizzles In Black Bra And Biker Shorts In New Update

Devin Brugman attends the 3rd Annual #REVOLVEawards at Goya Studios on November 15, 2019 in Hollywood, California.
Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images

Devin Brugman thrilled many of her 1.3 million Instagram followers on Monday, September 28, with a new series of snapshots that saw her rocking a skintight workout set that outlined her hourglass figure and perfect curves.

The photos showed the model, designer and influencer indoors as she stood in front of a mirror. Brugman held her iPhone close to her face as she framed her body. According to the geotag, she was in Los Angeles, California, where she currently lives.

The first and third photos captured Brugman from the hips up while the second and fourth offered a more distant view that included her thighs.

Brugman wore a black sports bra with a zipper across the front. It was made of a sturdy fabric that offered a good amount of support. Its medium straps stretched over her shoulders, and its low-cut neckline created a deep U shape that bared plenty of her ample cleavage.

She teamed it with a pair of matching biker shorts, which sat just below her navel. They expanded to her mid thighs, outlining her toned quads. Brugman accessorized her ensemble with a black purse.

In the caption, Brugman revealed that the post was a partnership with Knix Wear. She described the bra as her “new best friend” and noted it was perfect for “jumping, running and jump squatting.” She also included a promotional code, which her followers can use for a 10 percent discount.

Brugman’s fans were quick to react to the post. Within three hours, it has garnered more than 7,700 likes and over 55 comments. Many of them used the occasion to ask her questions while many others used the space to compliment her on her beauty and physique.

“I just want that flat belly,” one user wrote.

“Love the sleek design! Does it come in others colors as well or no?” asked another admirer, and Brugman responded in the affirmative.

“Not a lady here but love the pics,” a third fan added.

“Hi @devinbrugman love all the brands you work with,” chimed in a fourth user.

Brugman is well known among her fans for showing off her busty shape in her Instagram posts. Last week, she uploaded three images in which she was captured sitting on a table while sporting a casual outfit, as The Inquisitr has previously noted. She had on a pair of high-rise jeans, which she accessorized with a thick brown belt with a silver buckle. She paired it with a matching brown tube top whose neckline sat low and hugged her chest.