‘General Hospital’ Recap: Dante’s Target Is Revealed & A Surprising Person’s Behind The Mission

Dominic Zamprogna portrays Dante on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers learned more about the assignment Dante Falconeri received from the WSB. Not only did everybody find out the identity of the individual that Dante is supposed to go after, but they were also given a juicy reveal regarding the person who is really orchestrating all of this. Dr. Liesl Obrecht is back and she’s not playing around.

There had been plenty of speculation regarding the person Dante would be trying to expose, as it was said to be someone with ties to him. It turns out that it’s Peter August who is the subject of the investigation, and it seems Anna Devane may be a part of this too.

“Dante taking out Peter for Liesl… sometimes this show delivers for me,” one fan said on Twitter.

General Hospital fans know that Dante and Peter have a history with one another due to Nathan West. Peter already has Robert Scorpio, Jason Morgan, Sam McCall, and Damien Spinelli trying to take him down, and now, he’s got trouble coming from a different direction.

The story for months now had been that Dante was being held at a facility run by the WSB to try to repair his mental health. Robert recently took Olivia there to visit her son, but he refused to see her.

Despite all of the talk about this being under the control of the spy organization, some General Hospital fans had started to suspect otherwise. As it turns out, people were right to be suspicious.

Last week on General Hospital, Dante’s doctor told someone unseen and mysterious that he had concerns about moving forward with this mission. He approached the person again toward the end of Monday’s show to provide a status update, and it was revealed that it was Obrecht behind the desk.

Kathleen Gati plays Dr. Liesl Obrecht on 'General Hospital'
  Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

That means that it isn’t the WSB behind this mission. Obrecht is intent on taking down her nemesis Peter and she’s concocted a massive plan to make it happen.

“HOLY CRAP! NOW THAT WAS A GOOD TWIST! #GH Okay so I was thinking that whoever the Dr. Was talking to wanted to hurt Dante in some way, but thankfully that seems not to be the case WELCOME BACK @gatitweets!” one surprise person said via Twitter.

“Obrecht! Of COURSE!!!” another Twitter poster declared.

There is certainly much more that needs to be revealed now that it’s known that Obrecht is orchestrating this. The last that people saw of her, she was being hauled off to jail. Robert believed that she’d been set up and he’d promised to help her.

Now, it would seem that perhaps the two have been working together for quite some time now. It’s possible that Robert is in the dark on this, too. However, it seems likely he was working with Obrecht, given that he took Olivia to the facility and had been in contact with someone about Dante for these past few months.

Obrecht wants to destroy Peter, and that makes some people wonder if she’s responsible for other bad acts that he’d supposedly initiated. General Hospital fans are thrilled to see Obrecht back and behind this mission, and spoilers suggest that the next couple of months will be intense and wild.

Viewers won’t get new episodes over the next few days due to the MLB playoffs. However, General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central hint at drama for Lulu Spencer when he ex-husband returns to Port Charles, and perhaps a shocking encounter for Sonny Corinthos and his son soon. Folks were surprised by Monday’s twists and will be anxious to see what comes next.