Bri Teresi Rocks A Teeny Embellished Bikini & Splashes Water On Her Body While Posing On Her Knees

Bri Teresi used a little saltwater to bring some extra sizzle to a video shoot on the beach. On Monday, the statuesque model took to Instagram to share some steamy new footage with her 1 million faithful followers.

Bri wore a bikini that previously made an appearance in one of her stunning modeling shots. The garment had a luxurious and expensive look, thanks in part to the chunky gold chain embellishments on its halter ties and side strings. The swimsuit was a coral color that stood out against Bri's dark, earthy, and wet surroundings. The garment was crafted out of shimmery stretch fabric with a subtle metallic sheen. Gold trim added even more shine to both halves of the bathing suit.

Bri wore her top's sliding triangle cups placed wide apart to put much of her flawless décolletage on display. This sartorial choice scrunched the cups up and gave them a ruched appearance. She wore her adjustable bottoms positioned low on her slender hips, baring a great deal of her toned midsection. The gold side strings were tied in bows with long curled ends.

The model's blond hair was styled in soft waves, and it looked a bit damp and windswept. She posed on her knees in an area of the beach where the tide rolled in and out around her. She spread her legs wide apart in the shallow water and placed her hands between them in the submerged sand. As she bent forward, she revealed an eyeful of cleavage.

Bri provocatively ran her hands over her hips and sides before reaching up to play with her hair. She then scooped some saltwater into her hands. She teasingly splashed it on her chest, offering a flirty smile as the water trickled down her body in rivulets. During the entirety of her video, she slowly swayed her hips in a seductive manner.

There were a large number of craggy rocks behind Bri, as well as a few boulders with edges that had been worn smooth by the crashing waves. The sky was gray and overcast, and the dark sea seemed to match its mood. The musical accompaniment that the model chose for her video was the song "Up the Smoke" by Stunna 4 Vegas and Offset.

In the comments section, Bri's admirers went wild over her sexy and salty display.

"Hottest babe in the USA," read a message that included a long string of fire emoji.

"So this is what Wonder Woman does on her days off," another admirer wrote.

"You melt me every time," gushed a third fan.