‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Cyrus Stirs Up Chaos, Ned & Alexis Connect, & Nelle’s Death Rattles People

Jeff Kober films as Cyrus Renault on 'General Hospital'
Nick Agro / ABC

Spoilers for the week of September 28 hint that General Hospital fans will see some juicy developments. Unfortunately, some viewers may see several encore episodes due to the Major League Baseball playoffs. However, at least one or two new shows should air on ABC, and teasers suggest that things will be intense.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter details that Ned and Alexis will get cozy, and this could become a big problem. Olivia will pop back up in Port Charles, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she’ll tell Lulu about her attempt to see Dante.

Portia urges Curtis to back off, while Cyrus tells somebody that they have something he wants. Dante questions the new mission he’s been given ahead of returning to Port Charles, and Martin arrives at General Hospital looking disheveled, saying he was mugged.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Julian receives some sort of tempting offer. It seems likely that this will tie to Nelle in some way, and things could get interesting for him now that she’s supposedly dead.

Josslyn will start to get ready for the Homecoming dance, and she’ll prompt a difficult discussion about Nelle’s death with Nina.

General Hospital fans should not expect to see new episodes on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Reruns will be seen in some markets and the shows that air will go back to what was happening in Port Charles in February 2015.

Those shows, which originally aired from February 3 through 5, covered the time when a bomb went off on the Haunted Star. People will see Sabrina pop up, along with other long-gone characters like Nathan and Carlos.

Depending on how the MLB playoffs go, there could be a new episode of General Hospital airing on Friday, October 2. If that becomes the case, everybody will see Jax host the teen crew for photos ahead of Homecoming.

Carly and Nina will bond, while Julian will get another earful from Sam. Nikolas will be in denial over something, and Cyrus will make a call to Sonny.

Once the baseball interruptions are over, there will be major developments coming, according to the latest teasers. Ava gets some sort of ominous phone call and Jason approaches Sonny with a plan. Cameron struggles over picking Trina or Josslyn, and Alexis will be feeling regrets.

Willow decides something major and Sasha will seemingly lean on Valentin. General Hospital teasers detail that Jason will urge Epiphany to be careful, and Sonny will be rattled when he sees a familiar face.

Soon, Lulu will ask Dustin to move in with her, which syncs up pretty closely with when Dante will finally return to town. A plan of Josslyn’s falls apart and Cyrus will be putting more pressure on Jordan.

The fall sweeps period is around the corner. Fans always expect high drama during this period, and General Hospital spoilers promise that a lot of fabulous drama is on the horizon.