iPhone 5S Delayed By Fingerprint Technology Issues [Supplier Rumor]

Are you ready for the next generation iPhone? According to a new rumor, Apple isn’t ready to hand over its new tech. Japanese and Taiwanese suppliers tell Reuters that the Apple iPhone 5S is being delayed because of issues with Apple’s new fingerprint technology.

Sources say iPhone 5S production was suppose to begin in June 2013 but could be delayed because of manufacturing issues on the hardware side.

According to one source, Apple is building a fingerprint sensor into the phone but is having trouble finding a coating material that doesn’t interfere with its biometrics hardware.

Rumors of Apple iPhone fingerprint technology are not new; however, it was not clear when those rumors surfaced if the technology would be making its debut in the near future.

The fingerprint technology delay appears to only be affecting iPhone 5S production. According to one Japanese supplier, production on the low-cost iPhone will start sometime in May and then scale in scope starting in June. Both the iPhone 5S and low-cost iPhone are believed to rely on 4-inch displays, although the low-cost option ditches the fingerprint tech and is built with cheaper plastic body components.

In what might be bad news for Apple, the same report also suggests that suppliers are beginning to rely on Apple less. The report states that, while the iPhone 5 was a quick seller, those sales figures were below analysts expectations and have therefore led suppliers to look for new partnerships.

Apple will release its Q1 2013 financials on Tuesday morning. That report will finally reveal if rumors about Apple’s demand struggles are in fact correct.

In the meantime, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are likely to provide the Apple iPhone 5S with plenty of competition during the summer, fall, and winter months.

Are you ready to purchase an iPhone 5S with fingerprint technology, or have you jumped ship to a different provider?