'Big Brother' Fans Blast 'Boring' All-Stars Season, Express Disgust Over Lack Of Gameplay, Predictable Targets

Big Brother fans are bored to tears by the current All-Stars season, even as cracks are beginning to form in the dominating alliance, The Committee.

As two frequent seat warmers were put up on the nomination block once again, longtime viewers of the show flocked to social media to express disgust at the lazy gameplay being displayed by the veteran players this time around.

In comments to the latest post on the official Big Brother Instagram page -- which can be seen here -- viewers knew right away who Head of Household Cody Calafiore would put up for eviction before he even announced his nominees because the same few players have been nominated over and over almost every week.

With Kevin Campbell and David Alexander on the block once again, fans slammed the predictable and boring nominees and questioned why the players aren't making bigger moves. Several are even throwing competitions because they are so comfortable in their supersized alliance and don't want the responsibility of being Head of Household.

Cody Calafiore makes his nomantions.

"This season is the worst!" one commenter wrote. "These aren't All-Stars they ALL SUCK! Make a move people, they don't even want the HOH!"

"No one will make any kind of moves. I hate all of it," another added.

Others said the frequent nominees should just "sleep" in the nomination chairs.

"I am not even sure why Kevin and David move from those seats. So predictable. Such a yawn," a third viewer chimed in.

"Super boring season," another noted. "On finale night no one wants to hear both of the final two be like, 'well my strategy was to align with 8 people and coast thru the first month and a half.' Zzzzzzzzz."

Others noted that, once again, all of the people of color are being targeted early in the game. If David goes home this week, he will be the third – and last -- Black player to be evicted from the game.

Ever since Big Brother: All-Stars debuted last month, viewers have complained about the lack of true stars in the game -- and the lackluster gameplay and predictable nominations aren't helping. While savvy Big Brother 2 winner Will Kirby made a cameo last week for a "Neighbors" twist, he is not vying for the $500,000 grand prize.

With a triple eviction set for this Thursday, the CBS reality show will at least be guaranteed to get a shake-up as The Committee members will be forced to turn on one of their own.