Anllela Sagra Puts Her Chiseled Abs & Pert Booty On Display In Black Lingerie

Anllela Sagra snaps a selfie
Anllela Sagra / Instagram

Colombian bombshell Anllela Sagra shared a sultry duo of snapshots on her Instagram page on Sunday. The photos featured the model wearing a set of black lingerie, and she was carefully positioned so that her followers got an eyeful of her from both the front and the back.

Anllela wore a lacy black bralette and matching G-string panties. The bra had scalloped edges along the bust and bottom hem and a set of simple wide bands across the back. The V-neckline of the bra dipped low and allowed Anllela to show off much of her deep cleavage. In addition, her rock-hard abs were on full display.

The panties also had lacy scalloped detailing and provided fairly moderate coverage in the front. The waistband sat very low on Anllela’s midriff, further accentuating her abs. She stood positioned such that her backside was picked up in the reflection of a mirror behind her, and that’s where the heat factor escalated exponentially in these photos.

The thin bands of the panties in the back revealed plenty of skin. Anllela’s curvy booty was on full display and gave the model’s supporters plenty to appreciate.

The second photo in this post was similar to the first, although Anllela shifted her stance slightly. She cocked a hip and bent the knee on her other leg, resting her pointed toes on the carpet.

Anllela let her long brunette hair tumble over one shoulder and down her back as she gazed toward the camera with a sultry expression. She let her hands hang freely next to her long, lean legs in the first photo, and they rested gently on her upper thighs in the second.

Over the course of about 18 hours, nearly 160,000 of Anllela’s 11.9 million Instagram followers hit the “like” button on this post. Almost 1,000 people also showed their love for this sexy pair of photos by commenting.

A few noticed that there was a Led Zeppelin poster on the wall behind her, and that apparently was a major bonus for those who already adored the model. Others seemed to be drawn to Anllela’s feet, perhaps because she rarely shares full-body shots like this one.

“All of this and Led Zeppelin too? Perfect!” teased one fan.

“You are so gorgeous,” one supporter noted.

“U R smoking hot!!!” detailed another person.

“I love ur fantastic feet,” revealed someone else.

It is not unusual to see Anllela wearing black lacy lingerie, as she tends to choose pieces like that fairly often. These new snaps, however, seemed to feature a new pair of alluring pieces, and her followers were clearly thrilled to see her in these sexy poses.