Rebel Wilson Rocks Designer Mini Dress On A Yacht & Does Arm Workout With Huge Bottle Of Vodka

Rebel Wilson took to Instagram on Sunday to demonstrate her hilarious new exercise routine. She was dressed to impress, but the fluids she had easy access to weren't the best choice for staying hydrated.

The 40-year-old Australian actress has been enjoying a getaway in Monaco, and she's been using social media to document her adventures. She also keeps wowing her followers with photos of the designer looks that she's worn while attending events and exploring the tiny country.

In her latest update, Rebel rocked a bright red wool mini dress that showed off her incredible figure. The Gucci piece had a crisp, classic look with a slightly flared skirt and fitted waist. Contrasting cream trim created clean lines around the hemline, waist, V-shaped neckline, sleeves, and front pockets. The left pocket featured an interlocking G monogram patch that identified the garment's designer. A row of three gold buttons also decorated the front of the dress.

Rebel's swanky and sophisticated apparel helped her fit in with her surroundings. Her video was filmed on a luxury boat that she identified as the Mrs. L yacht. The Bruno Mars song "Finesse" was playing in the background, and Rebel was holding a massive 4.5 liter bottle of Grey Goose vodka. However, while it initially looked like she was ready to party, the Bridesmaids star was actually using the heavy bottle to get an upper body workout.

"I call this the Monaco routine," Rebel said, addressing the camera.

Rebel began by working her biceps. She used the vodka as a weight to perform a set of 10 curls. She then switched to doing an overhead press, slightly bending her knees as she thrust the bottle up in the air. Her final arm exercise was aimed at "the upper under arms." She brought the heavy glass container down behind her head to do a short set of overhead triceps extensions.

When she was done with her upper body work, Rebel slung the bottle over one shoulder and said that she was about to do a little cardio by running up and down the stairs that led to the yacht's lower deck. She jogged over to the stairs, but she stopped when she reached them.

"I'm not going to run up and down the stairs right now, but you guys get the picture," Rebel said.

Her Instagram followers were huge fans of her new fitness plan and her floating gym, which had a breathtaking view of sparkling sapphire water and the Monaco shoreline.

"Finally a workout routine I understand," wrote her Pitch Perfect co-star Brittany Snow in the comments section.

"I'm so jealous of everything going on in this video," confessed Ruby Rose, who appeared alongside Rebel in Pitch Perfect 3.

"If gyms are like this... I'm there 24/7," read a message from a fan.

"We need more trainers like you!!" said another admirer.